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Rank Surname Christian Main RRF County Service Regimental Area
Branch Regiments
  and others
  Abbott Alan Colchester 3rd     London
  Abbott Leonard 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
C\Sgt Abbott Neil Unknown 2nd   1973 - 1994 Association
L\Cpl Abbott Noil Unknown RRF   1997 - 2014 Association
  Abella Robert Unknown 3rd     Association
  Abnett Frederick 1RF   7th Foot 1937 - 1946 London
  Abram Paul Unknown       Association
Captain Adam Julian Unknown 1st & 2nd & 3rd     Association
Fusilier Adam Kenneth Unknown   20th Foot 1965 - 1969 Association
  Adams Carl Unknown 3rd     Association
  Adams Gordon Oldham 3rd 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Adams Kenneth Bury 1st     Lancashire
  Adams Lee Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Adams Mark Unknown 1st & 3rd   1989 - 1995 Association
  Adams Nathan City of London 2nd   1979 - 1988 London
  Adams Richard Unknown 3rd 7th 1964 - 1970 Association
  Adams Roderick Unknown   20th Foot 1963 - 1969 Association
  Adams Stephen Unknown       Association
  Adams Tracey Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Adams William Unknown 3rd 7th Foot 1964 - 1979 Association
Captain Adamson Anthony Unknown 3rd     Northumberland
  Adamson Nicholas Unknown 2nd     Association
  Addison James Unknown 2nd     Association
  Adkins Gerald City of London 5th   1974 - 1980 London
  Adkins Terence 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Afuwape Tayo Unknown 1st   1979 - 1991 Association
  Agar Ian Unknown       Association
  Agin Gerald 1RF   7th Foot 1954 - 1956 London
  Agnew Ronald Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Aiken Michael Unknown       Association
  Aikens Richard Oldham 3rd 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Aikens Ronald Oldham 3rd 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Ainsworth Alan Unknown 5th   1986 - 1999 Association
WO2 Air Steven Ashington 2nd   1979 - 2001 Northumberland
  Airey Bernard Unknown     1966 - 1970 Association
  Aitchison David Unknown 2nd   1966 - 1979 Association
Lieutenant Aitken Michael Unknown       Northumberland
  Akers David Unknown       Association
  Alazaruik Andrew Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Albison Lee Unknown     1996 - 1998 Association
S\Sgt Albutt Barry Unknown 1st     Association
  Alderson Bryan City of London London Scottish   1956 - 1990 London
  Alderton Anthony Bury   7th Foot 1959 - 1968 Lancashire
Colonel Aldous James City of London & Colchester 3rd 7th Foot   London
  Aldred Alan Unknown 3rd 20th Foot 1966 - 1979 Association
Sergeant Aldred Glenn Unknown 2nd     Association
  Aldridge Clive Unknown 1st     Association
  Aldridge Harry Unknown       Association
Brigadier Aldridge William Unknown 1st     Association
  Aldus Stephen Unknown 1st   1985 - 1993 Association
Doctor Alexander David Unknown   6th Foot   Association
Captain Alexander Philip Unknown       Association
  Alexander Robert Unknown 1st & 6th   1987 - 1997 Association
  Alford Frederick 1RF   7th Foot 1956 - 1960 London
  Alker Frederick Unknown   20th Foot 1958 - 1961 Association
  Allan Douglas Unknown       Association
  Allan Kenneth Newcastle       Northumberland
  Allan Michael 1RF   7th Foot 1964 - 1973 London
  Allan Michael Unknown   20th Foot 1966 - 1971 Association
Captain Allanach Peter Unknown       Association
  Allen Charles City of London   9th / 7th Foot 1937 - 1940 London
  Allen David Bury 5th     Lancashire
  Allen David Newcastle       Northumberland
  Allen David Unknown 2nd     Association
  Allen David Unknown       Association
  Allen David Unknown       Association
  Allen Edward City of London   9th Foot 1960 London
  Allen John Newcastle       Northumberland
  Allen John Unknown       Association
  Allen Kevin Unknown 3rd   1980 - 1989 Association
  Allen Russell Unknown 2nd   1976 - 1985 Association
2Lt Allen Stedroy London 22RRF Cadets   2010 -  
  Allen Stephen Unknown       Association
  Allen Thomas Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Allen  Sephton Unknown       Association
  Allman Ronald 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
Fusilier Allsopp Terence Unknown 1st   1974 - 1979 Association
WO1 Almond Stewart Unknown 2nd     Association
Sergeant Alvares Paul City of London 3rd 7th Foot 1965 - 1988 London
  Amos Peter Unknown       Association
  Anders Gordon Unknown   20th Foot 1964 - 1986 Association
Fusilier Anders Mark Unknown 1st   1980 - 1984 Association
  Anderson Alan Unknown       Association
Fusilier Anderson Colin   2nd   1984 - 1986  
  Anderson Craig Unknown       Association
2nd Lt Anderson David Unknown   7th Foot   Association
Corporal Anderson Eric Unknown 1st & 2nd   1990 - 1999 Association
  Anderson James Bury 2nd   1971 - 1983 Lancashire
  Anderson John 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Anderson John City of London   2nd Coldstream Guards 1984 - 1993 London
  Anderson John Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Anderson John Unknown 1st     Association
Major Anderson John Unknown 2nd & 5th & 6th 6th Foot   Association
Sergeant Anderson John Unknown 1st     Association
  Andreatta Dylan Unknown       Association
  Andrew Ronald Droylsden   20th Foot   Lancashire
Major Andrews Ian Unknown       Association
Major Andrews John Unknown 3rd     Association
  Andrews Kenneth 1RF   7th Foot 1958 - 1960 London
C\Sgt Angus John Unknown 3rd   1971 - 1993 Association
  Angus William Rochdale 3rd 20th Foot 1964 - 1971 Lancashire
  Annan John Newcastle       Northumberland
C\Sgt Ansermoz George Unknown 5th     Association
  Anthistle Anthony Salford   20th Foot 1952 - 1954 Lancashire
  Appleby J J Newcastle       Northumberland
  Appleby Leslie Ashington 1st   1977 - 1993 Northumberland
  Arch Mark Unknown 3rd     Association
  Armitage Peter Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Armstead Brian Unknown 5th   1985 - 1993 Association
Sergeant Armstrong Anthony Unknown 2nd   1973 - 1995 Association
Sergeant Armstrong Christopher Oldham 3rd   1974 - 1980 Lancashire
  Armstrong David Newcastle 1st 5th Foot   Northumberland
  Armstrong Edward Ashington 1st   1975 - 1983 Northumberland
Major Armstrong John Unknown       Northumberland
  Armstrong Robin Unknown       Association
Fusilier Armstrong Thomas Central   20th Foot 1960 - 1966 Lancashire
  Armstrong-Kersh Norman Oldham       Lancashire
Major Arnison-Newgass Paul Unknown       Association
  Arnold Daniel Unknown       Association
  Arnold Richard Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Arnold Stanley Nuneaton 3rd     Warwickshire
  Artus Anthony Unknown       Association
Sergeant Asbury John Unknown 2nd     Association
  Ashley Alan Unknown       Association
  Ashley David Unknown       Association
Fusilier Ashley John Unknown 3rd   1986 - 1996 Association
  Ashmore Edward Unknown       Association
  Ashton Colin City of London 5th   1982 - 2006 London
  Ashton Donald Unknown     1959 - 1961 Association
  Ashton Martin Unknown       Association
  Ashton  John Unknown       Association
  Ashworth Owen Unknown       Association
Sgt Aslett Ian Unknown 2nd   1999 - 2012 Association
Fusilier Aspin Allan Oldham 1st     Lancashire
  Aspin Ian Unknown 2nd   1971 - 1976 Association
  Astle Rachel Unknown 1st     Association
  Aston Denise Unknown     1951 - 1953 Association
  Atkins John Unknown       Association
  Atkins  Margaret City of London       London
  Atkinson Colin Unknown       Association
  Atkinson Janet Unknown       Association
  Atkinson Lawrence Newcastle       Northumberland
  Atkinson Mark City of London       London
  Atkinson Peter Unknown 3rd   1983 - 1989 Association
  Attfield Colin Unknown       Association
Captain Attrill Christopher Unknown 1st     Association
  Atwil Satnam Unknown 5th     Association
  Auguste Patrick Unknown 2nd     Association
  Ault Edward Unknown       Association
  Austin James Newcastle       Northumberland
  Austin James Unknown 3rd     Association
  Austin P J Unknown       Association
C\Sgt Austin Raymond Unknown 1st & 3rd   1973 - 1996 Association
  Austin Stephen Unknown 3rd   1973 - 1976 Association
Fusilier Avenell Anthony Unknown 3rd   1969 - 1970 Association
Captain Avery Jeremy Unknown       Association
  Avery-Smith Stephen Unknown       Association
  Avison Brian Unknown 1st     Association
  Avison Paul Newcastle       Northumberland
  Ayre Michael Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Backhouse Adam Unknown       Association
  Backus Peter Unknown       Association
  Bailey Bernard Droylsden   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bailey J H Unknown       Association
  Bailey Joseph Liverpool 3rd 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bailey Joseph Unknown     1951 - 1953 Association
  Bailey Nigel  Unknown       Association
  Bailey Roger Oldham 3rd   1974 - 1992 Lancashire
  Bailey Thomas Rochdale 2nd & 4th 20th Foot 1964 - 1974 Lancashire
Captain Bailey Trevor Nuneaton   6th Foot   Warwickshire
Colonel Bain Alexander Newcastle 1st & 3rd     Northumberland
  Bainbridge Alfred Unknown   5th Foot   Association
  Bainbridge Lee Unknown 1st & 2nd   1990 - 2002 Association
  Baines Gordon Unknown       Northumberland
  Baird John Unknown       Association
  Baker Frederick Unknown       Association
  Baker Kenneth Newcastle       Northumberland
Cpl Baker Lee Unknown 3rd   1983 - 1990 Association
  Baker Michael Unknown       Association
  Baker Robert Unknown       Association
  Baker Rochelle Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Baker Wilfred Newcastle       Northumberland
  Baker William 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
Colonel Baker-Cresswell Charles Unknown   5th Foot   Northumberland
Lieutenant Baker-Cresswell John Unknown       Northumberland
  Balbrey-Chourio Christopher City of London 5th   2006 London
Major Balcon Michael Unknown       Association
Corporal Baldock David Unknown 5th     Association
Colonel Baldock David Unknown   6th Foot   Association
  Baldwin Stanley City of London       London
  Ball Alan Unknown       Association
  Ball Anthony City of London       London
  Ball Clifford City of London   1st & 12th / 7th Foot 1939 - 1944 London
  Ballantyne Craig Unknown       Association
  Ballard Brian Unknown     1914 - 1916 Association
  Ballard David Oldham 2nd     Lancashire
  Ballard John Unknown   20th Foot 1952 - 1954 Association
  Ballard Maxwell Unknown 5th     Association
C\Sgt Balmforth Raymond Unknown 5th     Association
Sergeant Bamber Paul Unknown 3rd     Association
  Bamford Joseph Unknown   20th Foot 1914 - 1916 Association
  Bamford Louis Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Bamford Michael Unknown       Association
Captain Bamford Richard Unknown       Association
  Banfield Peter City of London   Sharpshooters 1970 - 1971 London
  Banford Leonard Unknown 1st & 2nd   1968 - 1971 Association
  Banham Sydney Unknown       Association
  Banks Colin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Banks Peter Unknown       Association
  Banks  John Unknown     1967 - 1977 Association
  Banner Eric Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Bannerman Alistair Unknown       Association
  Bannister John Unknown   20th Foot 1939 - 1950 Association
  Bannister Philip Unknown       Association
  Bannister Richard Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
Captain Barber Andrew Unknown       Association
WO2 Barber Christopher Ashington 1st 5th Foot 1964 - 1988 Northumberland
  Barber David Rochdale 2nd & 4th 20th Foot 1966 - 1973 Lancashire
Fusilier Barber Michael Newcastle       Northumberland
  Barber Paul Oldham 5th 20th Foot 1984 - 1987 Lancashire
  Barber Ronald Unknown       Association
Fusilier Bardason Jail Unknown 1st   2009 - 2013 Association
  Barker Alfred Unknown     1942 - 1944 Association
  Barker Darren Unknown 3rd   1984 - 1987 Association
  Barker Errol Colchester 1st     London
  Barker Lee Unknown       Association
  Barker Ronald City of London   2nd / 7th Foot   London
  Barker Thomas Unknown   20th Foot 1959 - 1966 Association
  Barker Wilfred Newcastle       Northumberland
  Barlow Arthur Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Barlow Gilbert Oldham 3rd   1972 - 1979 Lancashire
  Barlow John Trieste   20th Foot 1953 - 1953 Lancashire
  Barlow John Unknown       Association
  Barlow Paul Unknown     1974 - 1989 Association
  Barlow Terence Unknown 3rd     Association
  Barnard John Central   HMS Euryalus 1964 - 1966 Lancashire
  Barnes Cornell Unknown 5th     Association
  Barnes Keith Unknown       Warwickshire
  Barnes Kenneth Unknown       Association
  Barnes Peter 1RF   7th Foot 1950 - 1955 London
  Barnett Alec Unknown       Association
  Barnett Craig Unknown 2nd   No date Association
  Barnett Louis Unknown 2nd     Association
  Barnett Maurice Unknown       Association
  Barnfather Ian Unknown 3rd & 6th     Association
Captain Baron John Unknown       Northumberland
Major Baron Richard Unknown       Northumberland
  Barrass David Ashington 3rd & 6th     Northumberland
  Barratt Dennis City of London   9th / 7th Foot 1939 - 1946 London
  Barrett Peter Unknown     1960 - 1969 Association
  Barrett Terence Newcastle       Northumberland
  Barrette Pierre Unknown   22nd Infantry Regiment 1980 - 2005 Association
  Barrington Anthony 1RF   7th Foot 1947 - 1953 London
  Barron David Unknown       Association
WO2 Barron Edward Sheldon 5th     Warwickshire
  Barron Jaime Unknown 5th   1979 - 1982 Association
  Barron Steven Unknown       Northumberland
  Barrow Peter Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Barson George 1RF   7th Foot 1949 - 1951 London
  Bartholomew Louis 1RF   7th Foot 1958 - 1960 London
  Bartle Michael Newcastle   6th Foot   Northumberland
  Bartles-Smith Christopher Unknown       Association
Major Bartlett John Leamington Spa 5th     Warwickshire
  Bartlett Peter Unknown     1897 - 1915 Association
  Barton Melvin  Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
WO2 Barton Paul Oldham 1st & 3rd   1983 - 2005 Lancashire
WO2 Barton Peter Central 2nd & 4th & 5th & 5LF 20th Foot 1959 - 1981 Lancashire
Fusilier Barton Robert Central 4th 20th Foot 1967 - 1970 Lancashire
  Barton S P Unknown       Association
  Bartram Joan City of London       London
  Bashford Oliver 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Basnett Terence Unknown       Association
  Bassett Darren Unknown       Association
Sergeant Bastian Charles Bury 3rd   1968 - 1992 Lancashire
L\Cpl Bastock Stephen Unknown 2nd   1983 - 1996 Association
  Bateman Frank Unknown 3rd     Association
Major Bateman Peter City of London & SE Kent 2nd & 3rd 7th Foot 1952 - 1986 London
Captain Bates Alastair Unknown       Northumberland
  Bates Douglas 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Bates E Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
Sergeant Bates John SE Kent & 1RF   7th Foot 1950 - 1954 London
C\Sgt Bates Malcolm Unknown 3rd     Association
  Bates Paul Unknown       Association
  Bates Roy Unknown       Association
  Bates Terence Unknown 2nd     Association
  Batey Alan Unknown 3rd 5th Foot   Association
Major Bath Brian Oldham 2nd & 3rd & 6th 7th Foot 1959 - 1995 Lancashire
  Baty John Unknown       Association
Sergeant Baxter James Colchester 2nd & 3rd & 4th 20th Foot 1965 - 1980 London
  Baxter James Unknown       Association
Major Bayldon Roger City of London 3rd     London
  Bayliss Brian Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Bayliss John Unknown   5th Foot   Association
  Bayly Nigel Unknown       Association
  Baynham Leslie Unknown 1st & 2nd & 6th     Association
  Beal Terence Newcastle 1st     Northumberland
Corporal Beamer Terence Colchester 3rd     London
  Bean Fandand Newcastle       Northumberland
  Beard Neil Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Beard Timothy Unknown 2nd   2002 - 2010 Association
  Beardsmore Trevor Bury   20th Foot   Lancashire
Padre Bearn Hugh Central       Lancashire
  Bearne Nina Unknown       Association
  Beat Stephen Unknown     1991 - 1996 Association
WO1 Beattie William Newcastle   5th Foot   Northumberland
Brigadier Beauchamp Vernon Unknown       Association
  Becher William Unknown       Association
Corporal Beckett Christopher City of London 2nd   1983 - 2000 London
  Beckett Christopher Unknown       Association
  Beckham Terence Oldham 3rd   1978 - 1987 Lancashire
Sergeant Beckinsale Robert SE Kent 3rd 7th Foot   London
  Beckley Keiren Bury   RAF   Lancashire
  Beckley Keith Bury   RCT   Lancashire
  Bedding Simon Unknown       Association
  Bedford Stephen Unknown 1st   1972 - 1975 Association
  Bedingfield Richard Salford     1960 - 1975 Lancashire
Lieutenant Beer Ian Unknown   7th Foot   Association
  Beet Keith Unknown 1st 20th Foot 1967 - 1977 Association
  Beirne Harry City of London   5LF & 2nd RF 1940 - 1946 London
  Bell Alan Bury   1st/5th LF 1938 - 1946 Lancashire
  Bell Anthony Unknown       Northumberland
  Bell David Oldham 1st & 3rd   1976 - 2003 Lancashire & Warwickshire
Lieutenant Bell Derek Newcastle       Northumberland
  Bell Gordon 1RF   7th Foot 1958 - 1960 London
Fus Bell Harry Unknown   20th Foot 1959 - 1961 Association
  Bell John City of London   MOD   London
  Bell John Unknown       Association
  Bell Jonathan Unknown       Association
  Bell Michael Unknown       Association
L\Cpl Bell Peter Unknown 1st 7th Foot 1990 - 2002 Association
  Bell Robert Unknown     1957 - 1959 Association
  Belvins Christopher Unknown 1st   1977 - 1989 Association
  Benn Guy Unknown       Association
WO2 Benner Keith Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Bennett Andrew Unknown 5th     Association
  Bennett Colin Unknown     1939 - 1945 Association
  Bennett David 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Bennett FNU Newcastle       Northumberland
Lt-Colonel Bennett Geoffrey Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bennett Ian Unknown       Association
  Bennett John Unknown 1st     Association
  Bennett John Unknown       Association
  Bennett John Newcastle 2nd   1987 - 2009 Northumberland
  Bennett Meirwen Unknown       Association
  Bennett Peter Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Bennett Peter Unknown 5th   1982 - 1986 Association
  Bennett R Unknown       Association
  Bennett Roger Unknown       Association
  Bennett Ronald Unknown 2nd   1974 - 1979 Association
  Bennett William Unknown       Association
  Benson D H Unknown       Association
  Bentley Mary Bury   Association   Lancashire
  Benton Harry Unknown 2nd   1976 - 1992 Association
  Beresford Leland City of London 5th   2005 London
  Beresford Roger Unknown 5th     Association
  Bergfeld James Unknown 2nd     Association
  Bergin Lynn Unknown       Association
  Bergin Robert Unknown 3rd     Association
  Berkeley Christopher City of London       London
  Berry Alwyn Unknown 2nd   1968 - 1969 Association
Lt-Colonel Berry Christopher Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Berry John Unknown       Association
  Berry Kevin Unknown       Association
  Berry Leslie Unknown   20th Foot 1962 - 1970 Association
  Berry Peter Unknown     1905 - 1916 Association
  Bertenshaw Steven Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Best Gary Bury 5th & 3RGJ   1996 - 1998 Lancashire
  Best Patrick Unknown       Association
L\Cpl Best Philip Unknown 3rd   1969 - 1975 Association
Lt-Colonel Beswick Nicholas City of London 3rd   1974 - 1987 London
Colonel Betley David Central 3rd 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bevan Charles City of London   8th & 9th / 7th Foot 1939 - 1946 London
  Bevan Walter Unknown       Northumberland
  Bewicke Brian Unknown       Association
  Bewley H Unknown       Association
  Bewley Martin Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Bewley Thomas Unknown       Association
  Bhattacharya Pradip Unknown       Association
Colonel Bibbey Paul Unknown 2nd & 3rd     Association
  Bibby Anthony Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Bibby Paul Unknown       Association
  Bicknell David Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Bierne Harry City of London   5LF & 2nd RF 1940 - 1946 London
Brigadier Biggart David Unknown       Warwickshire
Sergeant Bingham William Sunderland 1st     Northumberland
  Binks Paul Unknown       Association
WO2 Birch David Newcastle 6th     Northumberland
Colonel Birch Edward Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Birch Leslie City of London   2nd / 7th Foot 1942 - 1947 London
Sapper Birch William Todmorden Pals   Royal Engineers   Lancashire
  Birchall Graham Sheldon 2nd   1972 - 1981 Warwickshire
  Bird Eric Unknown       Association
  Bird Jenna Unknown       Association
  Bird Joseph Oldham 3rd   1978 - 1987 Lancashire
  Bird Michael Unknown     1957 - 1959 Association
  Bird Paul Unknown 1st     Association
  Bird Rayleigh 1RF   7th Foot 1948 - 1953 London
  Birtles David Unknown 1st   1975 - 1985 Association
Lt-Colonel Bishop C N Unknown       Association
  Bishop David Unknown       Association
  Bishop John Unknown       Association
  Bishop William City of London   2nd / 7th Foot 1955 - 1957 London
  Black Anthony Unknown 3rd     Association
  Black Colin Central   20th Foot 1948 - 1953 Lancashire
  Black John Berwick       Northumberland
Sergeant Black Keith Unknown 1st & 2nd   1986 - 2011 Association
  Black Steven Unknown 2nd     Association
L\Cpl Blackborough George Ashington & Newcastle 1st 5th Foot 1964 - 1973 Northumberland
Private Blackburn John Todmorden Pals   ACC   Lancashire
  Blackford Gordon Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Blackman Michael Rochdale   20th Foot 1955 - 1957 Lancashire
  Blackshaw Lee Unknown 1st     Association
  Blacktop Graham Unknown       Association
  Blagg John Newcastle       Northumberland
  Blake Edward Unknown   20th Foot 1956 - 1959 Association
  Blake Peter 1RF   7th Foot 1955 - 1961 London
  Blake Spencer  City of London       London
  Bland John Newcastle       Northumberland
  Bland Kenneth Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Blatchly Walter City of London   11th RF & 2 RWarF 1939 - 1946 London
  Blatson Leslie Unknown 2nd 5th Foot 1964 - 1969 Association
  Blease Adam Unknown       Association
  Blenkinsop Charles Unknown       Association
  Blinco William Unknown 2nd     Association
Sergeant Bliss David Unknown 2nd   1977 - 1987 Association
  Bliss Paul Unknown 2nd   1980 - 1989 Association
  Bliss Roy Unknown       Association
  Blomeley John Unknown       Association
  Bloom Matthew Unknown       Association
  Bloomer Nigel  Unknown 3rd     Association
  Blore Kenneth Oldham 3rd   1977 - 1993 Lancashire
  Blore Michael Unknown 3rd     Association
Lieutenant Blore-Rimmer Sebastian Central 2nd     Lancashire
  Blower W J  Unknown       Association
  Blunt William Unknown   20th Foot   Association
His Honour Blythe James Unknown       Association
  Blythe-Brook Neville Unknown       Association
Drum Major Boakye Robert Unknown 2nd & 3rd     Association
  Boardman Alan Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Doctor Boardman Hugh Unknown       Association
  Boardman Paul Unknown 2nd   1982 - 1987 Association
C\Sgt Boden Keith Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Boden Martin Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Boden  Bernard Unknown       Association
  Bodger Michael Unknown 1st   1975 - 1985 Association
Fusilier Bolger John Unknown 2nd & 3rd   1979 - 1985 Association
  Bond Anthony Unknown 2nd & 5th   1982 - 1996 Association
  Bond Eric Droylsden   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bonsell Antony Unknown 2nd   1977 - 1993 Association
  Bonsell Peter Unknown       Association
  Booley Anthony Oldham 3rd   1977 - 1999 Lancashire
C\Sgt Booley David Oldham 1st & 3rd   1975 - 1985 Lancashire
  Booth Anthony   3rd   1979 - 1986 London
  Booth Brian Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Booth Melvin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Booth Richard Unknown   20th Foot 1952 - 1954 Association
  Booth S J Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
Fusilier Booth-Isherwood William Central   20th Foot 1954 - 1957 Lancashire
  Borne Peter City of London 5th   1968 - 1985 London
  Borthwick Terence Colchester   7th Foot   London
  Bossi Mark Unknown       Association
Corporal Bossons Robert Unknown 3rd     Association
  Bostock Anne Unknown       Association
  Bostock Paul Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Bothwell John Bury   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bothwell Kristian Bury 5th     Lancashire
Major Bott Lee Unknown 5th     Warwickshire
Lt-Colonel Bottomley Dennis Oldham 1st 20th Foot   Lancashire & Northumberland 
  Bottomley Mark Unknown 1st & 2nd   1983 - 2006 Association
  Bounden Paul Unknown       Association
C\Sgt Bounds Ian Sheldon 5th     Warwickshire
  Bounds Robert Unknown       Association
  Bourne Robin Unknown       Association
  Boutty Colin Unknown   20th Foot 1962 - 1969 Association
Doctor Bowater George Unknown       Association
  Bowden Alan Unknown       Association
  Bowden Alistair Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bowden David Unknown       Association
Colonel Bowden FNU Unknown       Association
  Bowden Jamie Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Bowe Bernard Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Bowen Cornelius 1RF   7th Foot 1954 - 1956 London
  Bower Asena Unknown       Association
  Bowerbank William Bury   Royal Engineers   Lancashire
  Bowers Michael Trieste   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bowes John Unknown 1st   1977 - 1993 Association
Major Bowes-Crick Colin City of London & 1RF 3rd 7th Foot 1964 - 1968 London
WO1 Bowker Alan Oldham 3rd ACC     Lancashire
  Bowles Anthony  Unknown     1959 - 1961 Association
Major Bowles Vincent Unknown       Northumberland
  Bowman Kevin Warwick (Central) 2nd   1985 - 1994 Warwickshire & Northumberland
  Bown Gordon Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Bowyer Michael 1RF   7th Foot 1957 - 1959 London
  Boxall Paul City of London       London
L\Cpl Boyce Carlton City of London 3rd   1974 - 1986 London
Captain Boyd Anthony Unknown 1st & 6th     Northumberland
Major Boyd Gareth Unknown 1st     Association
  Boyd Steven Unknown 1st & 2nd & 3rd   1984 - 2006 Association
  Brace Andrew Unknown     1962 - 1984 Association
  Brace Ivan Unknown     1962 - 1984 Association
  Brace John City of London 5th   2006 London
  Bradbury Carole City of London       London
Major Bradbury Hugh Unknown 3rd     Association
  Bradbury James City of London       London
  Bradbury Kenneth City of London 5th   1973 - 1993 London
  Bradfiled Lisa Bury   WRAC   Lancashire
  Bradley John Bury 2nd 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Bradley Kelly Unknown       Association
  Bradley Kevin Oldham 3rd & 4th 20th Foot 1968 - 1975 Lancashire
Captain Bradley Richard Unknown       Association
  Bradshaw Rita City of London       London
  Bradshaw Robert Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Captain Brady Donald Unknown       Association
  Brady Peter Oldham 2nd   1977 - 1985 Lancashire
  Bragg Peter 1RF   7th Foot 1959 - 1961 London
  Brailsford Joyce Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Braithwaite Paul Oldham 3rd   1978 - 1986 Lancashire
  Bramall Thomas Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Branagan Lee Bury       Lancashire
Sergeant Branch David Colchester 3rd     London
  Brandon  Ellen Unknown       Association
  Brannigan William Unknown 5th     Association
Captain Brant Peter Unknown       Association
Fusilier Brassington Stanley  Unknown   20th Foot 1954 - 1957 Association
  Braven D Newcastle       Northumberland
Sergeant Bray Michael Unknown 2nd     Association
  Brayshaw Geoffrey Unknown     1956 - 1959 Association
  Brayson Mark Sheldon       Warwickshire
Colonel Brazier Ian Unknown 1st & 3rd     Association
L\Cpl Brazier Sean Unknown 1st & 2nd   1994 - 2007 Association
  Brearley Gilbert Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Breen John Unknown 1st   1979 - 1992 Association
Major Brennan David Unknown 5th     Association
  Brettle Colin Nuneaton 3rd   1984 - 1992 Warwickshire
  Brewer Gary Oldham 3rd   1980 - 1989 Lancashire
  Brewer Terence 1RF   7th Foot 1957 - 1959 London
  Brewis John Newcastle       Northumberland
  Brice  Rodney Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Bricknell John Unknown       Association
  Bridge Christopher Unknown       Association
  Bridge Graeme Salford 3rd     Lancashire
Lt-Colonel Bridgeman Peter Unknown       Northumberland
  Bridgewater Christopher West Midlands 2nd   1971 - 1977 Warwickshire
  Bridgewater Peter Unknown 5th     Association
  Brierley Barry Rochdale   20th Foot   Lancashire
Fusilier Brierley Nigel  Unknown 1st & 3rd   1984 - 1994 Association
WO1 Briggs James Unknown 5th     Association
  Briggs John Unknown     1966 - 1970 Association
Fusilier Brighouse Ian Unknown 2nd   1970 - 1973 Association
Major Bright James Unknown       Association
  Brimacombe Michael Unknown 2nd     Association
Major Briscoe John Unknown       Association
  Briscoe Keith Unknown 3rd   No date Association
  Brisefer Terence City of London 3rd     London
Captain Briselden Guy Unknown 3rd     Northumberland
  Britch Guy Unknown       Association
  Britton Cyril Unknown       Association
Fusilier Britton James Unknown   7th Foot 1956 - 1959 Association
  Britton Paul Unknown       Association
  Broadbent Derek Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Brockhouse John Unknown 2nd & 3rd     Association
  Brocklebank John 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Brocklehurst Steven Unknown       Association
  Brocklesby Derek 1RF   7th Foot 1946 - 1948 London
  Brodie-Browne Luke Unknown       Association
  Brogan John Unknown     1953 - 1959 Association
  Brook Michael Unknown       Northumberland
Colonel Brook Richard Unknown       Northumberland
  Brookes Bernard 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1955 London
  Brookes Jakki Unknown       Association
  Brookes Michael 1RF   7th Foot 1959 - 1965 London
  Brookes Ronald Unknown     1952 - 1954 Association
  Brookes  James Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Brooks Patricia Unknown       Association
  Brooks Peter Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Broom Janie Unknown       Association
  Brophy John Liverpool 4th 20th Foot 1962 - 1970 Lancashire
  Brophy Michael Unknown   20th Foot 1961 Association
Captain Broughton Mark Unknown 1st     Association
  Brougthon Eric Unknown     1967 - 1971 Association
Major Browell FNU Unknown       Association
  Brown Alan Unknown       Association
Fusilier Brown Alan Unknown 1st   1985 - 1995 Association
  Brown Albert Newcastle       Northumberland
  Brown Andrew City of London 135 Cadets   1991 London
  Brown Archibald City of London   9th / 7th Foot 1940 - 1946 London
Major Brown Brian Unknown       Association
  Brown Charles Unknown   5th Foot   Association
  Brown David Unknown       Association
  Brown Derek Unknown     1959 Association
  Brown Edward Droylsden   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Brown Evan Unknown       Association
  Brown G J Newcastle       Northumberland
  Brown Geoffrey 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1955 London
  Brown George Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Brown Harold Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Brown I Unknown       Association
Captain Brown I C Unknown       Association
L\Cpl Brown Joseph Ashington 2nd 20th Foot 1964 - 1973 Northumberland
  Brown Karl Unknown 1st     Association
  Brown Keith Unknown 3rd     Association
  Brown M Unknown       Association
  Brown Mark Unknown       Northumberland
  Brown O T Unknown       Association
  Brown Philip Unknown       Association
Captain Brown Robert City of London 5th   1980 London
  Brown Robert Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
Captain Brown Rodney Unknown       Association
  Brown Roy Unknown 3rd     Association
  Brown Stanley 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
Major Brown Stanley Unknown       Association
  Brown Thomas Unknown       Northumberland
  Brown Thomas Unknown   20th Foot 1962 - 1966 Association
  Brown Thomas Unknown 6th     Association
  Brown Thomas Unknown       Association
WO1 Brown Wilton Unknown 3rd     Association
  Browne Jeremy Unknown       Northumberland
Captain Browning Dominic Unknown       Association
  Broxson John Sunderland       Northumberland
  Bruce Perry Unknown       Association
  Bruce Vernon Unknown   7th Foot 1939 - 1945 Association
  Brumhead Peter Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Brunning Daniel City of London       London
Lt-Colonel Brunt Nicholas Unknown 3rd     Association
  Bruton Andrew Unknown 3rd     Association
Corporal Bryan Stephen Unknown 1st & 2nd & 3rd   1979 - 2003 Association
  Bryce Stephen Unknown 3rd     Association
  Buchanan James Unknown       Association
Major Buckingham Derek Unknown   5th Foot   Northumberland
  Buckland Alan Unknown       Association
  Buckle Edward 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
Captain Buckley Allan Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Buckley Charles Unknown 1st     Association
  Buckley Desmond Unknown       Association
  Buckley John Unknown 1st & 2nd   1989 - 2005 Association
  Buckley John Unknown       Association
  Buckley John Unknown       Association
Captain Buckley John Unknown 3rd & 5th 7th Foot   Association
Major Buckley Leslie Oldham 1st & 2nd & 4th 20th Foot 1967 - 2006 Lancashire
  Buckley Ronald Bury   20th Foot 1964 - 1973 Lancashire
Major Bucknall Peter Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel (Retd) Buckton Rodney Unknown 3rd 7th Foot   Northumberland
WO2 Budge Martin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Bulcock Alan Unknown     1975 - 1978 Association
Major Bull FNU Unknown       Association
  Bull Terence 1RF   7th Foot 1960 - 1962 London
C\Sgt Bull Timothy Unknown 2nd     Association
  Bullen Harold Central   20th Foot 1944 - 1947 Lancashire
Major Bullen Henry Unknown       Association
  Bullock Peter Unknown     1967 - 1970 Association
Major Bulman Philip Unknown       Association
  Bulmer Robert Sunderland       Northumberland
Drum Major Bunn John Oldham 3rd 7th Foot 1960 - 1986 Lancashire
  Burbridge John Unknown       Association
  Burgess Dale Unknown       Association
  Burgess Dawn Bury   Association   Lancashire
  Burgoyne Simon Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Burgum Jeremy Unknown       Association
  Burke D Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Burke Kevin Unknown       Association
  Burke Nicholas Unknown 1st & 6th     Association
Sergeant Burke Terence Unknown 2nd 20th Foot 1967 - 1977 Association
  Burkitt Norman Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Lt-Colonel Burn Forbes Unknown       Association
  Burn Ozzy Unknown       Association
  Burn Terence Newcastle       Northumberland
  Burnell Frank Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Burnell Kenneth Unknown 6th     Association
Major Burnell Michael Unknown       Association
  Burnett Alan Birmingham       Warwickshire
  Burns David Unknown       Association
  Burns John Newcastle       Northumberland
WO2 Burns Richard Unknown 2nd & 5th   1974 - 1993 Association
Fusilier Burns Stephen Central 3rd   1982 - 1989 Lancashire
  Burrell Ronald Newcastle       Northumberland
  Burrell Terence 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Burrow David Unknown 1st   1983 - 1987 Association
  Burrow Sheila City of London       London
  Burrows Craydon Unknown 2nd & 3rd     Association
Major Burrows Frank Unknown 1st & 3rd 7th & 20th LF   Association
  Burrows Neville Bury   Royal Navy   Lancashire
Major Burrows Philip Unknown 1st 2nd Duke of Lancster's Regiment   Association
WO2 Burt Terence Unknown 1st   1973 - 1995 Association
Major Burton Derek Unknown       Northumberland
  Burton James Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Burton Malcolm City of London       London
Lt-Colonel Burton Philip Unknown       Association
  Burton William Unknown       Association
  Burtonwood Mark Unknown       Association
  Busby Michelle Unknown       Association
  Bushby Roy SE Kent   Royal Artillery   London
Major Bushill Robert Unknown   6th Foot   Association
  Butcher Robert City of London   11th / 7th Foot 1943 - 1944 London
Major Butler Raymond Unknown       Northumberland
  Butler Stephen Unknown 1st     Association
  Butler William 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Butler-Malone Michael Unknown       Northumberland
Major Butterwick FNU Unknown       Northumberland
  Butterworth Geoffrey Unknown       Association
  Buxton Joseph Newcastle 6th 5th Foot   Northumberland
  Buxton Lisa Unknown       Association
  Byrne Anthony 1RF   7th Foot 1963 - 1967 London
WO2 Byrne Malcolm Unknown 2nd & 5th   1971 - 1994 Association
  Byrne Noelene Unknown       Association
  Cadd Alfred Unknown       Association
  Cadman  Matthew Unknown       Association
  Cadwallader Scott Bury       Lancashire
  Caffrey Dean Sheldon       Warwickshire
WO2 Caffrey Michael Sheldon 5th   1972 - 1995 Warwickshire
  Caffrey Wayne Unknown       Association
  Cahill John Sheldon       Warwickshire
Major Caiger John Colchester 1st & 3rd   1973 - 1999 London
Major Cain Steven Unknown       Association
  Cairns Nigel  Unknown       Association
  Caisley John Unknown     1962 - 1969 Association
Colonel Calder Charles Unknown 1st     Warwickshire
  Calder William Berwick 1st     Northumberland
  Caley Kenneth Unknown       Association
  Callan Patricia City of London       London
  Calvert Anthony Unknown       Association
Major Calvert Frederick Unknown 6th 5th Foot   Northumberland
Captain Calvert Stanley Unknown       Northumberland
  Camp David Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Campbell Colin Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
Major Campbell John Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Campbell Joseph Unknown     1965 - 1971 Association
Captain Campling Nicholas Unknown       Association
  Canham Kevin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Cannell Anna Unknown       Association
  Canning Edward Sheldon       Warwickshire
Captain Canning  Mark Unknown       Association
  Cannon Steven Unknown       Association
  Cappleman Raymond Unknown 1st     Association
WO1 Carberry Kevin Unknown 3rd & 5th & 6th   1968 - 1991 Association
  Carden Ivor Unknown 3rd     Association
  Cardy Edward 1RF   7th Foot 1946 - 1958 London
WO2 Care Brian Sheldon 5th     Warwickshire
Fusilier Carey Stephen Unknown 1st   1975 - 1979 Association
Major Cariss David Unknown       Association
Colonel Cariss Richard Unknown       Warwickshire
Major Carmichael Christopher Unknown       Association
Sergeant Carne Paul Unknown 1st   1988 - 1996 Association
  Carney Peter Trieste   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Carpel Maurice 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
L\Cpl Carr David Ashington 1st   1969 - 1983 Northumberland
  Carr Dennis Unknown     1939 - 1947 Association
Captain Carr Gerald Salford 5th     Lancashire
Sergeant Carr Henry Ashington 1st 5th Foot 1964 - 1972 Northumberland
  Carr I H Unknown       Northumberland
Major Carr Lawrence Unknown 1st     Association
Captain Carr Peter Oldham 1st & 2nd & 3rd     Lancashire
  Carr Robert Unknown   6th Foot 1963 - 1968 Association
  Carr William Unknown 1st 5th Foot   Association
Sir Carr-Ellison Ralph Unknown       Northumberland
  Carroll Bernard Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Colonel Carruthers Robert Sheldon       Warwickshire
WO2 Carry James Unknown 3rd   1972 - 1982 Association
  Carter Brian Unknown       Association
  Carter Charles Unknown       Association
Major Carter Christopher 1RF   7th Foot   London
Major Carter Christopher Unknown       Association
  Carter David Central 1st   1978 - 1983 Lancashire
  Carter Denise  Unknown       Association
  Carter Michael Unknown       Association
Major Cartwright Guy Unknown       Northumberland
Colonel Cartwright Ian Central 3rd 20th Foot   Lancashire
Major Cartwright  Alistair Unknown       Association
  Case Kenneth Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Casey Thomas Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Cass Gary Unknown       Association
  Cassell Keith Unknown 2nd     Association
  Cassell Kevin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Castle Helen Unknown       Association
C/Sgt Caswell David Northumberland 2nd 6th Foot 1962 - 1987 Northumberland
Corporal Catling Phillip Colchester 3rd 7th Foot   London
  Cattaneo Stanley Colchester 3rd 7th Foot 1965 - 1974 London
Sergeant Catterall Norman Unknown 3rd     Association
Sergeant Cattermole Norman Unknown 1st   1979 - 1993 Association
  Caulfield Gerald Central   20th Foot 1960 - 1963 Lancashire
  Cave Roy Unknown       Association
Corporal Cawley Patrick Bury 2nd & 4th & 5th 20th Foot 1966 - 1974 Lancashire
Major Cawthorn Edward Berwick       Northumberland
  Cayford Andrew Unknown       Association
  Celm Richard Unknown       Association
  Chacksfield Anthony Unknown       Association
  Chadwick Eric Bury     1964 - 1965 Association
  Chadwick Tyrone Nuneaton 2nd     Warwickshire
  Chaffey Kenneth City of London       London
Lt-Colonel Chalmers Aubrey Nuneaton 5th     Warwickshire
  Chalwe Wilson Unknown     2011 - Present Association
  Chambers Ronald Unknown       Association
Corporal Champagnie Rudolph Unknown 3rd     Association
Captain Champion Andrew Unknown       Association
Major Chandler Thomas Unknown       Northumberland
  Channon Nicholas City of London       London
Captain Chapman Andrew Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Chapman Graham Unknown       Association
  Chapman Thomas Unknown       Association
  Chapple Brian Unknown       Association
  Charles Gary Unknown 2nd     Association
  Charlton Arthur Unknown 2nd 6th Foot   Association
  Charlton Jack Unknown       Northumberland
WO2 Charlton John Unknown 2nd & 5th     Association
WO2 Charlton John Unknown       Association
Fusilier Charters James Ashington   7th / 5th Foot 1939 - 1946 Northumberland
Brigadier Chater James Unknown   Royal Engineers   Association
  Chatten David Unknown       Association
Major Chaytor Raymond Unknown 2nd & 6th     Association
Captain Cheater FNU Unknown       Association
  Cheesman Francis 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Cheetham David City of London 5th   1960 - 1970 London
WO1 Cheetham Robert Unknown 2nd     Association
  Chenery Edward 1RF   7th Foot 1957 - 1958 London
  Cherry Andrew Unknown 5th     Association
  Cherry Barrie 1RF   7th Foot 1960 - 1962 London
Major Chester Frederick Unknown       Association
  Cheswass Darren Todmorden Pals       Lancashire
  Chetwynd  Paul Unknown       Association
Corporal Childs Steven Colchester 3rd     London
  Chipchase David Unknown       Association
  Chirnside John Newcastle       Northumberland
  Chisholm Alan Unknown 3rd   1978 - 1982 Association
  Chittenden Reginald City of London & 1RF 3rd 7th Foot 1960 - 1972 London
  Chorlton Edward Trieste   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Christian Derek Colchester       London
  Christian Paul Unknown     1978 - 1982 Association
  Christie Julie Newcastle       Northumberland
  Christopher Rosemary City of London       London
Major Chubb Peter Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Church Jerome Unknown 3rd     Association
Major Chutter FNU Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Claridge  Christopher Unknown 1st & 2nd     Association
  Clark Adrian Unknown 2nd     Association
  Clark Alexander City of London   London Regt 1995 -  London
Captain Clark Andrew Unknown 5th 6th Foot   Association
  Clark C G Unknown       Association
Sgt Clark David Oldham 3rd   1971 - 1980 Lancashire
  Clark David Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Clark Derek Newcastle       Northumberland
  Clark Frank Unknown 1st   1985 - 1996 Association
  Clark George Unknown 3rd 6th Foot   Association
Captain Clark Henry City of London       London
  Clark John Unknown 3rd & 6th     Association
Captain Clark Peter Unknown 3rd     Association
  Clark Raymond Unknown 1st 5th Foot 1963 - 1988 Association
Corporal Clark Stephen Central 2nd   1972 - 1982 Lancashire
Major Clarke Andrew Unknown       Association
  Clarke Bernard Unknown   20th Foot & 22 SAS   Association
Lt-Colonel Clarke Brian Unknown 5th 20th Foot   Association
  Clarke Colin Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Clarke David Unknown 5th     Association
Captain Clarke David Unknown 3rd 7th Foot   Association
Sergeant Clarke Dean Unknown 3rd   1976 - 1985 Association
  Clarke John Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Clarke Martin Unknown 2nd   1981 -  Association
Captain Clarke Peter Central 2nd 20th LF 1964 - 1977 Lancashire
  Clarke Roy City of London London Regt   1989 London
  Clarke Steven Unknown       Northumberland
Captain Clarke Thomas Unknown 1st & 2nd & 3rd & 5th     Association
L|Cpl Clarkson Michael Todmorden Pals   Duke of Wellingtons 1970 - 1982 Lancashire
  Clart Sidney SE Kent & 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
WO1 Claydon Charles Sheldon 2nd REME   Warwickshire
  Clayton Anthony Unknown       Association
  Clayton Philip Unknown       Association
  Clayton Rolf Bury   20th Foot & 22 SAS   Lancashire
  Clayton Trevor Unknown       Association
  Clegg Anthony Bury 5th     Lancashire
  Clegg David Rochdale   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Clegg Gerald Unknown 3rd     Association
  Clegg Nigel Unknown 3rd REME LAD     Association
  Clegg Peter Rochdale   20th Foot   Lancashire
Sergeant Clegg Raymond Unknown 3rd     Association
Fusilier Clements Dennis Todmorden Pals   20th Foot 1952 - 1954 Lancashire
Lt-Colonel Cleveland Simon Unknown 3rd 7th Foot   Association
  Cleveland Simon Unknown       Association
Major Clifford David Unknown       Association
WO2 Clifford Lawrence 1RF   7th Foot 1956 - 1969 London
  Clift Heather Unknown       Association
WO2 Clinton Peter Bury 2nd & 3rd 20th Foot 1963 - 1986 Lancashire
Captain Cloake  John Unknown       Association
  Close John Bury 2nd     Lancashire
WO2 Close Peter Unknown   5th Foot   Association
  Close Samuel Bury   Association   Lancashire
  Clough Andrew Unknown 1st     Association
  Clough George Unknown 1st     Association
  Clough Kenneth Unknown 1st     Association
Colonel Clover Julian Unknown       Association
Fusilier Clowery Michael Unknown 1st   1976 - 1983 Association
  Cluff Graham Unknown 5th     Association
  Clyne Richard Unknown 3rd     Association
  Clyro Andrew City of London 5th   1967 - 1976 London
  Coadwell Raymond Unknown     1951 - 1953 Association
Lt-Colonel Coates Edward Unknown 2nd & 3rd   1981 - Present Association
  Coates Harry Newcastle   5th Foot   Northumberland
Major Coatesworth Simon Unknown       Northumberland
  Coats M Newcastle       Northumberland
  Cochrane F G Oldham       Lancashire
  Cochrane Gerald Unknown 3rd     Association
  Cochrane John SE Kent 3rd   1977 - 1980 London
  Cocker Keith Unknown       Association
  Cogan Philip Newcastle       Northumberland
  Cohan Stephen Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Cohen James Unknown     1959 - 1981 Association
Major Colbeck Simon Unknown       Association
Captain Cole Algy Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
Sergeant Cole William Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Coleman Joseph Unknown 3rd & 5th     Association
Sergeant Coleman Leslie Unknown 2nd & 3rd & 5th   1974 - 1998 Association
Captain Collicutt Anthony Unknown       Association
Major Collicutt Robert Unknown       Association
Fusilier Collie Hugh Ashington & Newcastle 1st & 6th 5th Foot 1966 - 1975 Northumberland
Corporal Collier Bryan Unknown 1st   1971 - 1980 Association
Captain Collier Ian Unknown       Association
  Collier William Todmorden Pals       Lancashire
WO2 Colligan Steven Unknown 2nd     Association
Fusilier Collinge David Unknown   20th Foot 1959 - 1968 Association
  Collingridge Simon Unknown       Association
Lieutenant Collings Philip Central   20th Foot 1965 - 1968 Lancashire
WO2 Collins Anthony Unknown 2nd     Association
  Collins Michael City of London 2nd   1979 - 1982 London
  Collins Paul City of London       London
  Collins Russell 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Collins Terence Unknown 2nd   1970 - 1976 Association
  Collinson Jeffrey Unknown     1914 - 1920 Association
  Colliton Glen Unknown       Association
  Collyer Douglas 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Colman Richard Unknown       Association
Major Comer Lloyd Unknown       Association
  Comery Anthony Unknown       Association
  Commerford Bernard City of London   2nd / 7th Foot 1944 - 1948 London
  Common David Unknown 2nd   1997 - 2010 Association
  Conaghan Joseph Unknown 2nd     Association
  Conetta Paul City of London       London
  Conlon John Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Conlon Owen Unknown   5th Foot & 20th Foot 1964 Association
Major Connelly Stephen Unknown 2nd & 3rd 20th Foot   Association
  Connelly Stephen Unknown       Association
  Conner Charles Unknown       Association
  Conner James Unknown     1943 - 1945 Association
Major Connolly George Unknown 3rd 5th Foot   Association
  Connor Andrew Bury       Lancashire
Sergeant Connor David Unknown 1st & 3rd   1969 - 1993 Association
  Connor Terence City of London       London
Major Conroy Kenneth Unknown       Northumberland
Lieutenant Convery Edward Unknown   6th Foot   Association
Sergeant Convery Peter Unknown 6th   1976 - 1985 Association
Lieutenant Conway Anthony Unknown 3rd & 5th & 6th   1979 - 1986 Northumberland
  Conway Clifford 1RF   7th Foot 1949 - 1951 London
Major & MP Conway Derek Unknown       Northumberland
  Conway John Newcastle       Northumberland
C\Sgt Conway Norman Unknown 2nd   1964 - 1989 Association
Major Cook David Unknown 3rd     Association
  Cook Frank Nuneaton       Warwickshire
  Cook Graham Unknown 2nd & 5th     Association
  Cook Graham Unknown   5th Foot   Association
Lt-Colonel Cook Keith Unknown 2nd     Association
  Cook Michael Unknown       Association
  Cook Paul Unknown       Association
  Cook Phillip Unknown       Association
  Cook R Unknown       Association
L/Cpl Cooke Graham Unknown       Association
Major Cooke Peter   3RRF   1977 - 1983  
  Cooke Robert Unknown       Association
WO2 Cookman Lynn Oldham 3rd Honorary   Lancashire
  Cooley Barry Unknown     1954 - 1959 Association
  Coombe Francis City of London       London
Major Coombe Richard Unknown       Association
Sergeant Cooney Robert Unknown 3rd & 5th     Association
WO2 Cooney Stephen Rochdale 5th   1990 - Present Lancashire
  Cooper Alan Colchester 3rd ACC     London
  Cooper Brian City of London 5th     London
Fusilier Cooper Brian Unknown 5th   1969 - 1971 Association
Sergeant Cooper Ian Oldham 3rd     Lancashire & London
  Cooper John Unknown 3rd   1967 - 1975 Association
  Cooper Keith Unknown       Association
  Cooper Roland Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Cooper Wayne Unknown 2nd   1993 - 2006 Association
Fusilier Coote Gilbert Unknown   1st/8th LF 1945 - 1947 Association
  Cootes William Unknown 3rd     Association
  Copas Leslie 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Cope Benjamin Unknown   20th Foot 1952 - 1954 Association
  Cope David Unknown 3rd     Association
  Corbett Andrew Unknown 6th     Association
Corporal Corbett James Unknown   7th Foot 1958 - 1968 Association
  Corbishley Peter Unknown       Association
  Corbishley Roy Unknown       Association
Fusilier Cordingley Kenneth Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Corley Mark   1RRF   1983 - 1992 Bury
  Cornes Jordan Unknown       Association
  Cornish Mathew Unknown       Association
  Cornish Thomas Newcastle       Northumberland
Private Corns Brian Todmorden Pals   Border Regiment 1958 - 1960 Lancashire
  Corrigan Joseph Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Costello John Unknown 2nd     Association
  Costello Kevin Unknown 2nd   1987 - 1990 Association
  Coster George 1RF   7th Foot 1957 - 1959 London
  Costin David Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Costin William Unknown   1st & 8th / 20th Foot   Association
  Cote  Gerry Unknown       Association
  Cottan Frank Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Sergeant Cotter Steven Unknown 1st     Association
Major Cotterill Alexander City of London 5th 20th Foot 1993 London
  Cotton Stephen Unknown       Association
  Cottrill Gary City of London 5th   1999 - 2005 London
  Coughlan Harry 1RF   7th Foot 1954 - 1956 London
  Coughlan Paul Unknown 2nd   1979 - 1986 Association
Lt-Colonel Coulon Marius Unknown 2nd     Association
  Coulter David Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Major Coulter Patrick Unknown       Association
  Coulthard William Unknown 5th   Serving Association
  Coumbe Adam Unknown       Association
  Couper Paul Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Coupland Ernest 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Courcha Harry 1RF   7th Foot 1944 - 1945 London
  Court Dean Unknown 5th     Association
  Court Lawrence 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
Fusilier Court Shane Unknown 1st & 3rd   1991 - 2000 Association
  Court Vincent Unknown 3rd     Association
Lt-Colonel Coutts-Britton  Thomas Unknown 3rd     Association
  Coward Winifred SE Kent       London
  Cowie  Ian Unknown       Northumberland
  Cowley George Newcastle   5th Foot   Northumberland
  Cowley Patrick Unknown       Association
  Cox David Unknown 3rd   1972 - 1985 Association
  Cox Edward Trieste   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Cox Michael Unknown       Association
  Cox Pee Warwick       Warwickshire
  Coxon Anthony Unknown       Northumberland
Sergeant Coxon Kenneth Kirton-in-Lindsey   5th Foot   Northumberland
  Crabbe Andrew Unknown       Association
  Crabtree   Thomas Colchester 3rd 20th Foot 1966 - 1968 London
  Craggs Arnold Unknown       Association
Major Craggs David Unknown 6th     Northumberland
  Craig Andrea Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Craig David Unknown 1st     Association
  Craig Edward Unknown       Association
L\Cpl Craigen Anthony Ashington & Newcastle 1st 5th Foot 1965 - 1974 Northumberland
  Crain Leonard Rochdale   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Cranch Thomas City of London   8th & 12th RF 1939 - 1946 London
Corporal Cranston David Unknown   20th Foot 1955 - 1958 Association
  Cranston Nicholas Unknown       Association
  Crascall Brian 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
2nd Lt Craven Thomas Unknown   6th Foot   Association
  Crawford John Unknown 3rd & 5th     Association
  Crawford Sandra Unknown       Association
Major Crawshaw FNU Unknown       Association
Corporal Creighton Jeremy Sheldon 3rd   1972 - 1994 Warwickshire
  Creighton Rebecca Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Crick Paul Unknown       Association
  Critchell Clive Unknown 3rd   1978 - 1985 Association
  Critchley Stephen Bury 3rd     Lancashire
  Crockford Raymond Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Croft Leslie Unknown       Association
  Crofts George 1RF   7th Foot 1945 - 1947 London
  Croll Iain City of London       London
Captain Crook Kevin Unknown       Northumberland
Fusilier Crook Louis Unknown 1st   2012 - 2014 Association
Sergeant Crook Thomas Unknown 1st     Association
  Crosbie J H Unknown 3rd   1977 - 1991 Association
  Crosby David Ashington       Northumberland
  Crosby Michael Unknown       Association
Sergeant Cross Leonard Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
Lt-Colonel Cross Peter Unknown 1st & 2nd & 3rd & 6th   1974 - 2004 Association
  Cross William Central   20th Foot 1962 - 1968 Lancashire
Sergeant Crossland Edward Unknown 1st & 2nd & 3rd   1980 - 2002 Association
  Croston Darren Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Crowder William Sunderland       Northumberland
  Crown Ian Unknown       Association
  Crowther Arthur Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Cruickshank David Unknown       Association
  Cruickshank Jayde Unknown       Association
Fusilier Cruickshanks James Unknown 3rd   1980 - 1987 Association
  Cuddy Brian Unknown     1956 - 1959 Association
  Cuff C K Unknown       Association
  Cull Stephen Unknown       Association
  Cullen Graham Unknown 3rd   1981 - 1986 Association
  Cullen Mark Bury 3rd   1979 - 1992 Lancashire
  Cullen Stuart Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Culleton William Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Cummings Elizabeth Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Cummings Marc Unknown 1st   1996 - 2006 Association
  Cunliffe Geoffrey Central   20th Foot 1966 - 1972 Lancashire
  Cunniffe Christopher Unknown       Association
WO2 Cunningham Raymond Bury 2nd   1963 - 1989 Lancashire
  Cunnington William 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Cupik Paul Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Cureton Joseph Unknown       Association
  Curley Jamieson Unknown       Association
  Curran Peter Unknown     1964 - 1971 Association
Major Currie Dennis Unknown 1st   1977 - 2011 Association
  Currie John Oldham 5th RLC 1987 - 1994 Lancashire
  Currie R Newcastle       Northumberland
Sergeant Curry Paul Newcastle 2nd & 6th     Northumberland
  Curtis Alan Unknown       Association
Private Curtis Charles Unknown   6th Foot 1955 - 1961 Association
Fusilier Curtis Douglas City of London 3rd 7th Foot 1966 - 1972 London
WO2 Curtis Gary Unknown 2nd   1986 - 1996 Association
Colonel Curtis George Unknown 2nd & 3rd 7th Foot   Association
  Curtis Noel Unknown       Association
  Curtis Richard Unknown   7th Foot 1964 - 1970 Association
  Curtis William Unknown 5th   1965 - 1970 Association
  Cutler Alan Unknown       Association
  Cutler Paul Unknown 4QLR   1997 - 2001 Association
Major D’Alton Anthony Unknown 3rd     Association
  Dacey John 1RF   7th Foot 1953 - 1955 London
Cpl Dack John   1st and 3rd   1975 - 1988 Association
L\Cpl Dadzis Jeremy Unknown 2nd   1981 - 1990 Association
Lt-Colonel Dalby Keith Unknown 2nd     Northumberland
  Dale Anthony Central 2nd   1975 - 1987 Lancashire
  Dale Brian Unknown       Association
C\Sgt Dale John Bury 4th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Daley Arthur Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Daley David Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Daley Kenneth 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Dalton John 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Dalton John Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Dalton Paul Unknown 5th     Association
  Dalton-Hughes Anthony Bury 2nd & 5th     Lancashire
  Daly Kevin Unknown     1963 Association
Captain Daniel FNU Unknown       Association
  Daniel Rosemary City of London       London
Major Daniels David Unknown       Northumberland
  Daniels Edward Unknown   20th Foot 1954 - 1956 Association
Sergeant Daniels John Newcastle 1st & 6th   1983 - 1995 Northumberland
  Daniels Mark Unknown       Association
  Darby Anthony Unknown       Association
WO2 Darkoh Thomas Unknown 2nd     Association
WO2 Darlaston Paul Unknown 1st     Association
  Darling Louise Newcastle       Northumberland
  Darnley  John Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Darroch Peter Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Darwin K Unknown       Association
  Davenport Alan Unknown 3rd 20th Foot   Association
  Davenport Daniel Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Davenport Glenn Sunderland 1st     Northumberland
  Davenport Mark Unknown     1959 - 1961 Association
  Davenport Paul Unknown 5th   1963 - 1968 Association
  Davey Arthur 1RF   7th Foot 1943 - 1947 London
  Davey Paul Central 5th   1983 - 1986 Lancashire
Lt-Colonel Davidson Eric Central   20th Foot No date Lancashire
  Davidson George Newcastle       Northumberland
  Davidson Jon Unknown 1st   1993 - 1997 Association
  Davidson Raymond 1RF   7th Foot 1960 - 1963 London
  Davies Charles Trieste   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Davies Christopher Unknown 2nd     Association
  Davies Edward Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Davies Eric Unknown   20th Foot 1966 Association
L\Cpl Davies Gary Unknown 3rd   1974 - 1982 Association
  Davies Jesse Unknown     1951 - 1953 Association
  Davies Louise Bury   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Davies Michael City of London 1st & 3rd   1985 - 1997 London
Sergeant Davies Paul Unknown 2nd   1986 - 2014 Association
  Davies Wallace Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Davies Walter Unknown       Association
  Davies William Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Davis David Bury 2nd 6th Foot 1967 - 1990 Lancashire
Lt-Colonel Davis FNU Unknown       Association
  Davis Jamie Unknown       Association
Captain Davis John 1RF 2nd & 3rd 7th Foot   London
  Davis John Todmorden Pals       Lancashire
  Davis Kathleen Newcastle       Northumberland
  Davis Michaela Unknown       Association
  Davis Paul Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Davis Simon City of London 5th   1989 London
  Davison George Unknown       Association
  Davison Gregory Sunderland 1st   1980 - 1990 Northumberland
  Davison James Unknown       Association
Fusilier Davison Matthew Unknown 5th   1991 - 1995 Association
C\Sgt Davison Robert Unknown 2nd     Association
C\Sgt Davison Thomas Unknown 3rd   1978 - 1995 Association
Fusilier Davison W Ashington 6th   1991 - 1998 Northumberland
  Dawber Frank Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Dawkes Trevor 1RF   7th Foot 1965 - 1970 London
BSM Dawson Charles Unknown 5th     Association
  Dawson Christopher Unknown   20th Foot 1952 - 1954 Association
Captain Dawson Simon Unknown       Association
  Day Daniel Rochdale       Lancashire
  Day David Rochdale       Lancashire
  Day J Uee Leamington Spa       Warwickshire
  Day Robert  City of London   8th / 7th Foot 1957 - 1963 London
Major Daykin John Unknown       Association
  Daykin Kenneth Sunderland 1st   1977 - 1989 Northumberland
WO1 Dayman Colin Unknown 2nd & 3rd 7th Foot 1960 - 1984 Association
  De Grellier-Payne Adrian Oldham 1st & 3rd   1984 - 1993 Lancashire
Lt-Colonel De Hochepied-Larpent Andrew Unknown 1st & 3rd     Association
  De Villiers  William Unknown       Association
Major Deakin John Shiny D 5th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Deakin Kevin Unknown       Association
  Deakin Terence Bury 3rd   1978 - 1990 Lancashire
  Deakins Richard 1RF   7th Foot 1959 - 1964 London
  Dean Dixie Unknown 2nd & 3rd     Association
  Dean Joseph Shiny D 5th   1964 - 1976 Lancashire
  Dean Robert Unknown 2nd & 3rd   1970 - 1988 Association
  Deans James Unknown     1962 - 1969 Association
  Dearsley Patricia SE Kent 3rd     London
Major Deas Donald Unknown       Association
Lieutenant Deas Douglas Unknown       Northumberland
  Deaval Paul Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Debenham FNU Unknown       Association
  Debnam David City of London       London
  Debnam David Unknown 5th     Association
  Debney John Unknown       Association
  Decourcey Sharlene Unknown       Association
Sergeant Deeks Paul Rochdale 3rd & 5th 20th Foot 1965 - 1978 Lancashire
  Delahunty Peter Central   20th Foot 1957 - 1959 Lancashire
  Delaney Anthony Unknown 2nd     Association
  Denham J C Unknown       Association
  Dennis Clive Sheldon       Warwickshire
L\Cpl Dennis George Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Dennison Henry Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Colonel Denny James Unknown 3rd     Association
Captain Denny Simon Unknown       Association
  Dent Andrew Unknown       Association
WO2 Dent Kevin Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Dent Mary City of London       London
  Derby Kevin Unknown 1st     Association
Sergeant Derby Thomas Shiny D 5th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  De-Smet Robin Unknown 3rd     Association
Captain Devere David City of London 5th   1968 - 2001 London
  Devereux Brian Unknown     1952 - 1954 Association
Captain Devine Malcolm Unknown       Northumberland
  Devlin Jeffrey Rochdale   20th Foot   Lancashire
Cpl Dewis Bryan Unknown 2nd   1972 - 1982 Association
  Dews David Unknown 3rd   1981 - 1987 Association
Major Dexter FNU Unknown       Association
Captain Dexter Rupert Unknown 2nd     Association
  Dey John Central     1956 - 1958 Lancashire
Reverand Dick Cecil Unknown       Northumberland
Colonel Dickie Charles Unknown       Northumberland
Major Dickinson Stephen Unknown       Northumberland
  Dickson John Newcastle       Northumberland
WO1 Dickson Morris Unknown 3rd     Association
Colonel Diggins Simon City of London 1st & 2nd & 3rd & 6th   1978 - 2014 London
  Digney David Bury 2nd     Lancashire
C\Sgt Digney Michael Bury 1st & 5th   1969 - 1991 Lancashire
  Dimond Dennis 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Diver Alan Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Dixon Christopher Unknown       Association
  Dixon David 1RF   7th Foot 1962 - 1965 London
  Dixon Fletcher Colchester   7th Foot   London
Major Dixon John Unknown 5th & 6th 5th Foot   Association
Lieutenant Dixon Leonard Unknown       Northumberland
  Dixon Martin Unknown       Association
  Dixon Maurice Unknown 1st     Association
  Dixon Norman Bury   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Dobbs Ronald 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
Captain Dobson Ian Unknown       Association
  Dobson Robert Newcastle       Northumberland
  Dobson Trevor Newcastle       Northumberland
  Docker John Unknown 3rd   1978 - 1983 Association
L\Cpl Dodd George Unknown   20th Foot 1946 - 1948 Association
  Dodd Jeremy Unknown       Association
  Dodd John Unknown 2nd     Association
  Dodds Joseph Ashington 1st 5th Foot 1960 - 1969 Northumberland
Sergeant Dodgson Clifford Trieste 5th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Dodsworh Alan Unknown       Association
  Doe Frederick 1RF   7th Foot   London
  Dominguez Linda City of London       London
  Donaghan Steven Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Doctor Donaldson John Unknown       Association
Fusilier Donkin Michael Unknown     1984 - 1990 Association
  Donoghue Garry Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
C\Sgt Donothey Allen Newcastle 1st & 3rd     Northumberland
  Donovan Michael SE Kent   Kings Royal Rifle Corps   London
  Doolan Andrew Unknown 2nd     Association
  Dooley Michael Unknown 1st     Association
  Doran Albert Central   20th Foot 1948 - 1950 Lancashire
  Dore Michael Unknown       Association
  Dorman-O'Gowan Christopher Unknown 1st & 4th & 6th     Northumberland
  Dorrington Nigel Unknown 5th     Association
Major Double Anthony Unknown       Association
  Douglas Brian Newcastle       Northumberland
  Douglas Ian Unknown       Northumberland
Fusilier Douglas  Stephen Unknown 1st   1972 - 1981 Association
  Douglas  William Unknown 2nd     Association
Colonel Douglas-Robinson  Nigel Unknown       Northumberland
C\Sgt Douglin Douglas Unknown       Association
  Douthwaite Stephen Unknown       Association
  Dovey Alexander Unknown     1957 Association
C\Sgt Dowd Peter Unknown 2nd     Association
Captain Dowdall-Brown Gilbert Unknown       Association
Corporal Dowell Simon Unknown 1st & 3rd   1981 - 1983 Association
WO1 Dowling James Unknown 3rd REME LAD     Association
Captain Dowling John Unknown       Association
Major Dowling Michael City of London 5th 20th Foot 1976 - 1981 London
  Downes Angela Unknown       Association
WO2 Downes Kieran Sheldon 5th     Warwickshire
  Downes Ronald 1RF   7th Foot 1954 - 1956 London
Fusilier Downey Phillip Unknown 3rd   1986 - 1989 Association
  Downham Keith Unknown       Association
WO2 Downing George Unknown 2nd 6th Foot 1950 - 1970 Association
  Dowson Percy Unknown     1939 - 1945 Association
Cpl Doyle Alan Unknown 3rd   1970 - 1980 Association
  Doyle Francis Unknown 3rd   1972 - 1985 Association
  Doyle John Unknown 5th 20th Foot 1966 - 1967 Association
  Doyle Mark Oldham 3rd   1982 - 1986 Lancashire & London
  Doyle Nicholas Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
Fusilier Drake Christopher Unknown 1st   1981 - 1987 Association
  Drakeford Annette Unknown       Association
Major Dribbell  FNU Unknown       Association
  Driver Simon Unknown       Association
  Drummond Alan 1RF   7th Foot 1954 - 1957 London
  Dryden George Newcastle       Northumberland
  Drysdale Andrew Trieste   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Drysdale S H Unknown       Association
  Dubens Stephen Unknown       Association
WO2 Duckett Mark Unknown 1st & 2nd & 5th   1994 - serving Association
  Duckett Michael Unknown 5th     Association
Corporal Duckett Richard Unknown 2nd   1990 - 2005 Association
Colonel Dudding Michael 1RF 2nd 7th Foot   London
  Dudley John 1RF   7th Foot 1945 - 1945 London
  Duerdin Anthony Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Duff David Unknown 1st   1996 - 2004 Association
  Duffield Michael Unknown 1st   1969 - 1975 Association
Corporal Duffy Andrew Ashington 1st 5th Foot 1961 - 1978 Northumberland
  Duffy Andrew Unknown       Association
  Duffy Derek Unknown 2nd     Association
WO2 Duffy James Unknown 2nd     Association
  Duffy  William Unknown       Association
  Duggan Andrew Unknown       Association
  Duggan William Unknown 4th 20th Foot 1963 - 1969 Association
Captain Duke Albert Unknown 1st     Association
  Duke Terence Unknown 1st     Association
  Dummett Kenneth City of London       London
Cpl Dunbar Jack Unknown 3rd 7th 1963 - 1973 Association
  Dunbar Norman Newcastle       Northumberland
  Duncan Robert Unknown       Association
  Dunk Colin City of London       London
  Dunk David Unknown 5th     Association
  Dunkley Simon Unknown       Association
Fusilier Dunlop Troy Unknown 3rd     Association
WO2 Dunn Gary Oldham 2nd & 3rd   1976 - 1998 Lancashire
  Dunn Gordon Unknown 5th     Association
L\Cpl Dunn John Ashington & Newcastle 1st 5th Foot 1960 - 1969 Northumberland
  Dunn Mark Unknown 4th     Association
2nd Lt Dunn Phillip Unknown       Northumberland
  Dunn Wesley Bury       Lancashire
  Dunne Philip Unknown       Association
Fusilier Dunning Colin Central   20th Foot 1963 - 1967 Lancashire
  Dunphy Frank Liverpool   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Dunwoody Martin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Durbin John Unknown   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 Northumberland
  Durham William Central 2nd     Lancashire
  Dutton James Unknown 5th     Association
  Dyer Matthew Unknown 5th     Association
  Dyer Thomas Unknown 3rd     Association
  Eamens Kenneth Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Eamens Robert Unknown 3rd     Association
  Eardley  Bernard Unknown     1954 - 1956 Association
Major Earl Stephen Unknown       Northumberland
  Earle Richard Unknown       Association
  Earnshaw Bryan Todmorden Pals       Lancashire
  East Nicholas Oldham 3rd   1974 - 1983 Lancashire
  Eastham Rodney Unknown       Association
Colonel Easton Nigel  City of London 3rd     London
Lt-Colonel Eastwood C C Unknown       Association
Captain Eastwood Joseph Bury 2nd & 4th 20th Foot 1956 - 1987 Lancashire
Fusilier Eastwood Neil Oldham 1st     Lancashire
  Eaton Roy Unknown 5th     Association
  Ebanks Reginald Unknown 1st   1979 - 2003 Association
Captain Eccles Simon Unknown   7th Foot   Association
  Eckersley Brian Unknown 3rd     Association
Major Edgar Michael Central 2nd & 3rd & 4th 20th Foot   Lancashire
Major Edmonds William Sheldon & Nuneaton 1st & 2nd & 3rd & 5th 6th Foot 1964 - 2005 Warwickshire
  Edmundson Lawrence Unknown       Association
  Edwards Antony Unknown       Association
L\Cpl Edwards Daniel Unknown RRF   2000 - 2014 Association
Fusilier Edwards Darrell Unknown 2nd   1989 - 1990 Association
Doctor Edwards F A Unknown       Association
Fusilier Edwards Gary Unknown 3rd   1970 - 1974 Association
  Edwards Herbert Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Lt-Colonel Edwards Martin Unknown       Association
  Edwards Ramon 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Edwards Robert Bury 5th     Lancashire
  Edwards Russell 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1954 London
  Egerton Kathleen Unknown       Association
  Elcoat Brian Unknown       Association
Sergeant Elgar Paul Unknown 1st     Association
  Elgar Stephen City of London 3rd   1980 - 1985 London
  Elgie Hylton Unknown       Association
  Ellen Stuart City of London 5th   2002 London
Captain Elletson Hope Unknown 3rd     Association
  Elliman Carl Unknown       Association
  Elliott Christopher Unknown       Association
  Ellis John 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1955 London
  Ellis William Unknown       Northumberland
  Ellison Derek Unknown     1954 - 1957 Association
WO1 Ellison Ian Central 3rd & 4th & 5th 20th Foot 1959 - 1985 Lancashire
  Ellison-Harrop Emma Unknown       Association
  Elloway Lee Bury       Lancashire
  Ellwood Carl Unknown       Association
  Elsey Anthony Unknown 3rd     Association
  Elsom Frederick 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
C\Sgt Elston Philip Bury 2nd & 5th     Lancashire
  Elsworth Dianne Unknown       Association
  Elverstone Jane City of London       London
  Elvins James 1RF   7th Foot 1945 - 1953 London
WO2 Elward John Unknown 2nd & 5th   1975 - 1992 Association
C\Sgt Embleton Kevin Sunderland 1st   1977 - 2000 Northumberland
  Embleton Kevin Unknown 1st     Association
  Embleton Michael Unknown 1st   1982 - 1997 Association
  Emery-Callan Deborah Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Emmerson William Newcastle       Northumberland
  Emmet FNU Unknown       Association
  Emmet Sandra Unknown       Association
Major England Raymond Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  English Jack Unknown 1st     Association
Major Entwistle Graham Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Erskine Richard Sunderland   5th Foot 1960 - 1970 Northumberland
  Ersser Edward 1RF   7th Foot 1950 - 1951 London
  Estall Thomas 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1954 London
  Etchells Gary Unknown 2nd     Association
  Etherton Keith Unknown 1st     Association
  Evans Colin 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
Sergeant Evans David Unknown 3rd     Association
  Evans Donald Unknown       Association
Lt-Colonel Evans Hugh Unknown       Association
  Evans Jeffrey Unknown     1914 - 1918 Association
  Evans Joseph 1RF   7th Foot 1943 - 1945 London
  Evans Lee Unknown       Association
Sergeant Evans Raymond 1RF 3rd 7th Foot   London
  Evans Robert Unknown       Association
  Evans Roger City of London       London
  Everall Sidney Droylsden   20th Foot 1951 - 1956 Lancashire
  Everatt Samuel Unknown       Association
  Everett James SE Kent   9th-12th-13th RF 1939 - 1946   London
  Eves Antony Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Eves Kenneth Rochdale   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Ewart R W Unknown       Association
  Ewen Roy City of London ACF   1999 London
  Exley Graham Unknown       Association
  Faben Peter Unknown       Association
  Faccini Marco Unknown     1923 Association
L\Cpl Facey Paul Unknown 3rd   1978 - 1991 Association
  Fairbairn Alan Sheldon       Warwickshire
Major Fairbairn Derek Unknown       Northumberland
Captain Fairbairn Iain Unknown       Northumberland
Major Fairbairn Richard Unknown       Northumberland
Captain Fairclough Alistair Unknown       Northumberland
Fusilier Fairclough Kevin City of London 3rd   1978 London
  Fairhurst Brian Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Fairley Gunther Unknown 2nd     Association
C\Sgt Fairway David Oldham 2nd & 3rd     Lancashire
  Fairweather Noel City of London   2nd / 7th Foot 1938 - 1946 London
WO2 Falconer Steven Unknown 3rd     Association
  Farley Nicholas Unknown 3rd   1977 - 1988 Association
  Farmer Gerald 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
Fusilier Farmer Peter Unknown 1st   1983 - 1989 Association
  Farmer Robert Unknown       Association
Captain Farnsworth Adam Unknown       Association
Lieutenant Farquhar Joseph Oldham 5th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Farrand FNU Unknown       Association
  Farrand Joan Bury       Lancashire
  Farrell Patrick Bury   RAMC   Lancashire
  Farrell  Bernard Unknown 2nd     Association
  Farrelly Thomas Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Farrington David Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Farrington Douglas Oldham   23rd Foot   Lancashire
  Farthing Leslie Newcastle       Northumberland
  Faulkener Ainsley City of London 5th   2001 London
  Fava Peter Unknown       Association
  Fazackerley Dennis Unknown 3rd   1972 - 1981 Association
  Fazakarley Peter Oldham 3rd   1970 - 1992 Lancashire & Warwickshire
  Fee Malcolm Unknown     1983 - 1987 Association
  Feeley Kevin Sheldon       Warwickshire
Sergeant Fell   William 1RF 3rd 7th Foot   London
Sergeant Fell   William 1RF 3rd 7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Fellows Ronald 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1952 London
  Felton Gerard Bury 2nd & 5th   1988 - 1992 Lancashire
WO2 Fenn Arnold Unknown 3rd 7th Foot   Association
Captain Fenn FNU Unknown       Association
C\Sgt Fereday Lee Unknown 2nd   1988 - 2003 Association
Major Ferguson Alexander City of London 6RRF/8QF/Ccoy   1980 - 2006 London
  Ferguson Christopher Newcastle       Northumberland
Major Ferguson Graeme City of London 5th   1990 - 1993 London
WO2 Ferguson Jeffrey Oldham 3rd   1969 - 1991 Lancashire
  Ferguson Lee Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Ferguson Steven Unknown 5th     Association
  Ferrier Alan 1RF   7th Foot 1960 - 1962 London
Colonel Festing Robert Unknown       Northumberland
  Field Helen Unknown       Association
  Field Mark Unknown       Association
  Field William Unknown   7th Foot 1960 - 1962 Association
  Fielden Charles Central   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Fielder Alan Unknown       Association
  Fielding David Unknown 2nd   1994 - 2003 Association
  Fields Paul Unknown       Association
  Finch David Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Findlay David Unknown       Association
Corporal Findlay Neil Ashington 1st 5th Foot 1965 - 1974 Northumberland
  Findon John Unknown       Association
  Fingleton William Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Finlay Stephen Unknown 1st   1987 - 1991 Association
Major Finlayson Brian Unknown       Northumberland
  Finn Daniel Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Finnerty Francis Bury 1st   1979 - 2005 Lancashire
  Finnick David Unknown       Association
Sergeant Firth David Unknown 3rd 20th Foot   Association
  Fish Gregory Unknown       Association
  Fish Reginald Unknown       Association
  Fisher Carl Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Fisher Dean Unknown 2nd   2002 - 2010 Association
  Fisher Derek Unknown       Association
Brigadier Fisher FNU Unknown       Association
Colonel Fisher Michael Unknown       Northumberland
Major Fisher Peter Unknown 2nd & 3rd     Association
  Fisher Robert Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Fisher Ryan Bury       Lancashire
  Fisher Stephen Unknown       Association
  Fitchew Stephen Sheldon 5th   1986 - 1998 Warwickshire
  Fitchew Stephen Unknown       Association
C\Sgt Fithon Anthony Unknown 3rd     Association
  Fitt Steven Oldham 3rd 20th Foot 1967 - 1979 Lancashire
  Fittock George Unknown       Association
Captain Fitzgerald David Unknown       Northumberland
  Fitzgerald David Unknown     1963 - 1967 Northumberland
  Fitzgerald Michael Unknown       Association
  Fitzgerald Patrick Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Fusilier Fitzgerald S A Unknown 2nd   2006 - 2013 Association
  Fitzgerald Wayne Unknown 3rd   No date Association
  Fitzharris Barry Unknown 2nd     Association
  Fitzpatrick Lawrence Unknown 2nd     Association
  Fitzpatrick Matthew Unknown       Association
  Fitzpatrick   Gerald Unknown   20th Foot 1954 - 1954 Association
  Fitzsimmons Eric Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Fitzsimmons Kenneth Unknown 2nd   1979 - 1986 Association
  Flanagan Paul Unknown     1940 Association
  Flanagan Paula Unknown       Association
  Flannery Christopher Salford   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Flannery Peter Salford   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Fleming J Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Captain Fleming James Unknown 5th     Association
  Flemming John Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Fletcher Andrew Unknown       Association
Sergeant Fletcher Colin  Shiny D 5th 20th Foot 1955 - 1980 Lancashire
  Fletcher Francis Bury   20th Foot   Lancashire
  Fletcher Martin Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Fletcher Richard Ashington 1st 5th Foot 1967 - 1972 Northumberland
  Flint Hugh Unknown       Association
  Flint Raymond Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Flisher Derek 1RF   7th Foot 1959 - 1961 London
  Flitter William City of London       London
Major Flute Edward Unknown       Association
L\Cpl Flynn D J Ashington & Newcastle 1st 5UDR 1979 - 1991 Northumberland
  Flynn David Unknown 1st   1979 - 1986 Association
  Flynn David Unknown       Northumberland
  Flynn Gail Unknown     1899 - 1905 Association
  Flynn M J Unknown       Association
  Flynn Terence Unknown 3rd     Association
WO2 Foggin Geoffrey Newcastle 3rd & 4th & 5th & 6th 20th Foot 1967 - 2006 Northumberland
  Foley John Oldham   Para Regt   Lancashire
  Foley Stella Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Captain Foley  Reginald  Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Foort Peter Unknown       Association
  Forbes Albert 1RF   7th Foot 1954 - 1957 London
  Forbes Alexander Unknown       Association
  Forbes Andrew Unknown 1st & 6th     Association
  Forbes David Unknown       Association
  Forbes David Unknown       Association
  Forbes Neville 1RF   7th Foot 1953 - 1956 London
  Forbes Valvory Unknown 2nd & 5th     Association
WO1 Ford James Unknown 3rd   1989 - 1994 Association
  Ford Philip Unknown       Association
WO2 Ford Richard Bury 3rd     Lancashire
  Ford Steven Unknown       Association
  Formby  Sidney Unknown     1960 - 1963 Association
Major Forrest John Unknown       Northumberland
  Forrester Geoffrey Unknown       Association
WO2 Forrester Gershom Unknown 2nd     Association
  Forster Colin  Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Fusilier Forster David Unknown 1st   2004 - 2012 Association
Fusilier  Forster Jamie Unknown 1st   1998 - 2003 Association
Major Forster Mark Unknown       Association
  Forster Steven Unknown       Association
  Forsyth Gary Unknown       Association
C\Sgt Forsyth Philip Unknown 3rd     Association
  Forteau Leon Unknown 3rd     Association
C\Sgt Fortune George Oldham 3rd 7th Foot 1960 - 1979 Lancashire
  Foskett Robert 1RF   7th Foot 1955 - 1957 London
Fusilier Foster Adrian Unknown 2nd   1992 - 1997 Association
  Foster Derek Sunderland 1st   1983 - 1988 Northumberland
Major Foster Joseph Newcastle 1st & 6th     Northumberland
Fusilier  Foster Norman Unknown 3rd   1971 - 1977 Association
  Foster Stephen Sunderland 1st   1980 - 1993 Northumberland
  Foster Thomas Unknown 2nd     Association
  Foulis Robin Unknown       Association
Major Fowden Brandon Unknown 5th     Association
  Fowkes Leslie Coventry       Warwickshire
  Fowler Bernard 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
  Fowles Michael Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Fox James 1RF   7th Foot 1939 - 1944 London
  Fox John City of London 5th   1991 - 1995 London
  Fox Sebastian City of London       London
  Foy John Unknown 2nd   1978 - 1992 Association
  Foy Michelle Unknown 2nd     Association
  Fradgley Gary Unknown       Northumberland
  France Derek Unknown 3rd     Association
  Frankland Stuart Unknown       Association
  Franklin Adrian Todmorden Pals       Lancashire
Captain Franklin David Unknown       Association
Major Franklin Robert Unknown       Association
  Frankton Trevor Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
  Fraser Gerald Liverpool   20th Foot   Lancashire
Fusilier Fraser James Unknown 2nd   1999 - 2007 Association
  Freeman Eric Unknown     1950 - 1954 Association
Sergeant Freeman Geoffrey Unknown 1st & 2nd   1972 - 1987 Association
  Freestone Leslie 1RF   7th Foot 1944 - 1945 London
  French Anthony Bury       Lancashire
Major French Maurice 1RF   20th Foot   London
Captain Frisby Charles Unknown       Association
  Frith James Bury       Lancashire
2nd Lt Frizzell Colin 1RF   7th Foot   London
  Frost Kenneth Unknown   Royal Signals 1951 - 1953 Association
  Frost Malcolm 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
WO2 Frost Neil Unknown 1st & 2nd   1988 - Present Association
  Frost Robert Unknown       Northumberland
  Frowd Trevor Unknown       Association
Major Fry Anthony Unknown       Association
  Fulcher Andrew Unknown 1st & 2nd   1990 - 1998 Association
Major Fulford-Talbot James Unknown       Northumberland
Major Fulford-Talbot James Unknown       Northumberland
  Fullager Alan 1RF   7th Foot 1945 - 1953 London
  Fullerton Janice Bury       Lancashire
  Fullerton Peter Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Fung P K Unknown       Association
  Furness Glenn Sunderland 2nd   1983 - 2006 Northumberland
  Furness Mark Unknown       Association
  Fyfe James Unknown 6th     Association
  Gaines David 1RF   7th Foot 1950 - 1953 London
  Gains Stella Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Major Gale Richard Sheldon 5th     Warwickshire
  Gallagher Cyril 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1955 London
Captain Gallagher Kevin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Gallagher Robert Unknown   20th Foot 1961 - 1970 Association
Major Gallon  Christian Unknown 5th & 6th   1996 - 2014 Association
  Galloway Peter 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1954 London
  Galvin Frank 1RF   7th Foot 1958 - 1963 London
  Gamble Daniel Unknown 5th     Association
Major Gammons Terence Unknown 2nd & 6th     Association
Major Gandon Gerald 1RF 2nd 7th Foot 1967 - 1972 London
  Gandy Wayne Bury       Lancashire
  Gann Terence City of London 3rd   1980 - 1986 London
WO2 Gannon Eamonn Sheldon 2nd & 5th   1972 - 2010 Warwickshire
  Gannon Gary Unknown       Northumberland
  Gannon Ronald  Unknown   20th Foot 1953 - 1955 Association
Fusilier Garcia Joseph Unknown 3rd   1970 - 1976 Association
  Garden Ian Unknown       Association
  Gardiner Arthur Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Gardner Clifford City of London       London
Sergeant Gardner Colin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Gardner John 1RF   7th Foot 1952 - 1953 London
  Gardner Martin Unknown       Association
  Gardner Martin Unknown       Association
  Gardner William Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Major Garfit Christopher 1RF 3rd 7th Foot   London
  Garner Daniel Unknown       Association
  Garrett Anthony Unknown 2nd & 3rd   Serving Association
C\Sgt Garrett Jeremy Unknown 2nd & 3rd   1981 - 1996 Association
  Gartland Kieron Unknown 2nd     Association
  Garton Douglas Unknown     1967 - 1979 Association
Major Gartside Edmond Central 5th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Garvie Paul Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Gascoigne Keith Unknown       Association
  Gaskell Alan Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gates Elizabeth Unknown       Association
  Gatty Trevor Unknown       Association
Cpl Gaudie Jeff   1st   1988 - 2004  
  Gaught  Barry Unknown 2nd   1983 - 2005 Association
  Gauntlett Charles Sheldon   6th Foot   Warwickshire
  Gavan Edward City of London 2nd   1967 - 1973 London
  Gawtrey Kevin Unknown 3rd     Association
Captain Gaylard Vernon City of London   9th & 12th RF 1938 - 1945 London
  Geddis John Bury   Royal Irish Regt   Lancashire
  Gedge William Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gee Fiona Sunderland       Northumberland
  Gent Graham Unknown       Association
  Gentles Marcus Bury 2nd   1990 - 1995 Lancashire
  Gentry W R Unknown       Association
  George Peter Rochdale 4th 20th Foot 1964 - 1979 Lancashire
Lt-Colonel Gerrish Michael Unknown       Association
  Gibbins Lawrence 1RF   7th Foot 1949 - 1955 London
  Gibbins Wayne Unknown       Association
  Gibbons James Unknown 3rd     Association
  Gibbons James Unknown 6th 20th Foot 1962 - 1968 Association
  Gibbons John Newcastle       Northumberland
  Gibbons Martyn Unknown 2nd     Association
  Gibbons Sidney SE Kent 3rd 7th Foot 1961 - 1984 London
Major Gibbs Alan Central 5th   1978 - 1992 Lancashire
  Gibbs Donald Unknown       Association
  Gibson Alan Unknown 6th     Association
  Gibson Mark Bury   Royal Signals   Lancashire
Captain Gibson  Andrew Unknown       Association
  Gidley Lisa Unknown       Association
  Gifford David Unknown       Association
  Gilbert Anthony Unknown       Association
  Gilbert Godfrey Unknown       Association
Major Gilbert John Unknown       Association
  Gilchrist Leslie Newcastle   20th Foot   Northumberland
  Gildea Richard Unknown     No date Association
  Giles John Unknown       Association
  Giles Michael Unknown     1963 - 1969 Association
  Gillespie B Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gillespie Brian Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gillibrand Carl Sunderland 1st & 3rd   1988 - 2000 Northumberland
  Gillibrand Quentin Sunderland 2nd & 3rd     Northumberland
  Gilluley Peter Unknown   Royal Irish Ranger 1979 - 1991 Association
  Gilmore David Unknown       Association
  Gilmore Glyn Unknown 3rd     Association
  Gilroy FNU Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gimes Anthony Sunderland   5th Foot   Northumberland
Major Ginger Maurice Unknown       Association
  Girvan Thomas Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gittens John Unknown 2nd     Association
  Gleeson Kevin Unknown 4th   1968 - 1969 Association
  Glinski Andrew Unknown   20th Foot   Association
C\Sgt Glover Mark Unknown 2nd     Association
Lt-Colonel Glover Michael Central 5th 20th Foot   Lancashire
  Glue Michael  Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Goby Richard City of London 5th   2003 London
C\Sgt Goddard Clinton Unknown 2nd     Association
  Goddard David Bury 2nd     Lancashire
Captain Goddard John Unknown       Association
  Goding Reginald 1RF   7th Foot 1940 - 1945 London
  Godley Colin City of London       London
  Goff Alfred City of London   8th / 7th Foot 1957 - 1963 London
WO1 Goldsmith John City of London 1st & 3rd 7th Foot 1959 - 1983 London
  Goldspring John Oldham 3rd   1972 - 1975 Lancashire
  Golesworthy Kenneth City of London   9th / 7th Foot 1942 - 1947 London
  Gollop Lee Unknown 3rd     Association
L\Cpl Good David Unknown 1st & 2nd   1979 - 1989 Association
Major Goodall Adrian Unknown 5th & 6th     Northumberland
  Goodall John Unknown 3rd     Association
  Goode Neil Oldham 3rd   1978 - 1984 Lancashire & London
  Goodes Susan Oldham 3rd     Lancashire
L\Cpl Goodfellow George Ashington 5th TTR 1999 Northumberland
  Gooding E J Unknown       Association
Major Goodison Roland Unknown 3rd RAPC   Association
WO1 Goodlet Mathew Unknown 3rd ACC     Association
Fusilier Goodman Howard Unknown 2nd   1988 - 1992 Association
  Goodman Terence City of London London Regt   1998 London
  Goodwin Jack Unknown 3rd APTC     Association
  Goodwin Trevor Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Gordon John Unknown 3rd     Association
  Gordon M City of London       London
  Gorman Anthony Unknown 2nd   1979 - 2002 Association
Captain Gornall Joseph Unknown   20th Foot   Association
Colonel Gorski Brian Unknown 3rd     Northumberland
L\Cpl Gorstridge Omar Oldham 1st & 4th 20th Foot 1965 - 1970 Lancashire
Major Gorton Peter Unknown 2nd     Association
WO1 Gosling Anthony Unknown 1st & 3rd & 6th   1969 - 1989 Northumberland
Colonel Goss FNU Unknown       Association
WO2 Gough Robert Unknown 5th   1980 - 1999 Association
  Gough Terence Unknown 6th   1986 - 2001 Northumberland
  Gould Anthony Unknown   6th Foot   Association
Sergeant Gould Colin Unknown 3rd     Association
  Gould Nicholas Unknown       Association
  Gould Sidney Bury 2nd 6th Foot 1957 - 1979 Lancashire
WO2 Gould Trevor Ashington   North Hussars 1966 - 1986 Northumberland
  Goulding George Unknown       Association
  Goulding Kenneth Unknown 3rd     Association
  Grabham David Unknown       Northumberland
  Gracy George Newcastle       Northumberland
  Gradwell Raymond Unknown 3rd     Association
Captain Grafton Paul Unknown       Association
Cpl Graham George Unknown 1st & 2nd   1981 - 1993 Association
  Graham Michael Ashington 1st & 2nd   1988 - 2012 Northumberland
  Graham Michael Unknown 2nd   1983 - 1994 Association
  Graham Richard Salford 3rd   1980 - 1990 Lancashire
  Graham Richard Unknown       Association
  Graham Stuart Unknown 3rd   1976 - 1980 Association
  Graham Stuart Unknown 3rd   1976 - 1980 Association
  Graham Thomas Unknown 5th     Association
  Grainger Mark City of London 5th   1998 London
  Grant David Unknown 6th     Association
  Grant Hugh Newcastle 6th     Northumberland
  Grant Ian Unknown 1st   1976 - 1981 Association
  Grant John Unknown     1965 - 1970 Association
Fusilier Grant John Unknown 2nd 20th Foot 1966 - 1971 Association
  Grant Paul Unknown       Northumberland
  Grantham Noel Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Grantham Robert Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Grantham Susan Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Grass Ann Unknown       Association
  Gravell David Central       Lancashire
  Gray Alan Unknown       Association
  Gray Daisy City of London       London
  Gray Daisy City of London       London
Brigadier Gray John Unknown   6th Foot   Association
  Gray Oliver Unknown       Association
  Gray Peter Unknown       Association
  Greasley Keith Unknown       Association
  Greaves Benjamin Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Greaves George Unknown 3rd   1975 - 1984 Association
  Green Barry Bury       Lancashire
  Green Carey Unknown 3rd   1976 - 1979 Association
Sergeant Green Geoffrey Unknown 3rd     Association
  Green James Unknown     1958 Association
  Green John Unknown       Association
Major Green Keith Unknown       Association
Corporal Green Lawrence Oldham   20th Foot 1953 - 1956 Lancashire
  Green Marc Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Green Norman Sheldon       Warwickshire
  Green Paul Unknown   20th Foot   Association
  Green Peter Unknown 2nd   1989 - 2011 Association
  Green Samuel Unknown     1954 - 1956 Association
  Greenfield William 1RF   7th Foot 1951 - 1953 London
Major Greenhalgh David Unknown       Association
  Greenhalgh Ian Unknown       Association
  Greenhalgh Nathan Unknown       Association
  Greenhalgh Paul Bury 2nd     Lancashire
  Greenhalgh Simon Unknown   4QLR 1994 - 2001 Association