Name Year  Appointment
Mr J Brackley (Jim) 1988 Secretary Lancashire Area Association
Mr T L Hewitson (Tommy) 1988 Curator Alnwick Castle Museum
Mr A Mayle (Albert) 1988 Caretaker/Steward of Officer's Mess Balham
Mr J Whitmore (Jack) 1988 Secretary 9th/12th RF Association
Mr H Wroe (Harry) 1988 Chairman Ramsbottom Branch
Mr J H Brown (John) 1989 Chairman Leamingtom Spa Branch
Mr P Dye (Pat) 1989 Secretary Birmingham Branch
Mr D Laverick (Dennis) 1989 Fundraiser Lancashire Area (Krypton Factor Comp)
Mr D C Jones (Don) 1990 Chairman Warwick Branch
MR R Nicholas (Robert) 1990 Museum Orderly RHQ
Mr B Hickman (Bill) 1991 Secretary 2RF / 8RF Assoc
Mr E Wrightman (Edward) 1992 Secretary Ashington Branch
Mr J Charters (James) 1992 Chairman Ashington Branch
Mr W Halford (William) 1992 Social Secretary Leamingtom Spa Branch
Mr G Hamilton (George) 1993 Chairman Ashington Branch
Mr R J Robinson (Drummy) 1993 Secretary Southern Branch (Lancashire Fusiliers)
Mr T Crowley (Terry) 1994 Secretary 1RF Branch
Mr H E Smith BEM (Ted) 1994 Acting Chairman Leamingtom Spa Branch
Mr J Ashworth (Jack) 1995 Vice President Rochdale Branch
Mr F Baker (Fred) 1996 Secretary 11th Bn Branch
Mr K Lord (Kenneth) 1997 Secretary 70th Bn Branch
CSgt A Page (Albert) 1999 TA CSgt & Committee member of the Regimental Association 
WO2 D Birch (Dave) 2000 Band Permanent Instructor
Capt D R Samways (Dennis) 2002 Regimental Recuiting Officer
Mr D Reynolds (David) 2002 Secretary Newcastle Branch
Mr N Gregory (Neil) 2002 Secretary Sheldon Branch
Mr A G Reed (George) 2003 Secretary 9th/12th City of London RF Branch
Keith Boden 2003 Secretary Lancashire Area
Mary Howarth 2003 Long time servant to the Regt
WO1 John Icke 2004 41 years service with the Fusiliers and work done for the Regiment
Mr T Sprayson (Tony) 2006 Museum Ass Curator Fundraiser Lancs Collection
Mr R Wilson (Robert) 2006 Secretary and Treasurer Alnwick Branch
Gary Hall 2006 Bosun "The Fusilier " yacht for 18 years
Rev George H N Parsons 2006 Stalwart of City of London branch
Peter Clegg 2007 Chairman Rochdale Branch & Manager LF Comp Fund 
John Scotson BEM 2007 Secretary Assoc and long time servant to the Regt 
Mr J Pound (Jimmy) 2008 Founder member of the Normandy Veterans and Standard Bearer Warwick Branch
Dick Bishop 2008 Colchester Branch Chairman
Mr J E G Stephens (John) 2008 Secretary 2RF Branch
Mr R Owen (Ron) 2009 Secretary Oldham Branch 
Mr A Noble (Alan) 2009 Vice Chairman Lancashire Association
Roy Woods 2010 Long serving member and Museum Archivist
Mr P Martin (Paddy) 2010 Secretary of the Colchester branch
Steven Fitt 2011 Association Secretary Lancashire Area and Standard Bearer
Mr A Harrop (Tony) 2011 PRI shop and Fund Raiser Memorial fund (Oldham Branch)
Mr J Cochrane (John (Popeye))  2011 Fund Raiser and work for the Association(Oldham Branch)
Mr Elwyn Pickup 2012 Sectretary of the Rochdale Branch for 17 years
Mr Colin Williamson 2012 Fund Raiser and work for the Association (Oldham Branch)
Mr J Stracham (?) 2012 For service to the Regiment and Association (Ashington Branch)