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2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The last photo of 2RRF before they were Merged
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Apr 68 to Oct 69
Doniford Barracks Watchet
Oct 69 to Jul 71
Brooke Barracks Berlin
Berlin Brigade

Jul 71 to Aug 75
Oct 71 to Feb 72
Jul to Nov 72
March 1973 (4th - 24th) Spearhead Bn
Jun to Oct 73
Oct 74 to Feb 75

Alma Barracks Catterick
Northern Ireland Belfast
Northern Ireland (Andersontown)
A Coy going to Ligoneal Mill in the Ardoyne, C Coy to 42 RM Comd
Northern Ireland (Andersontown)
Northern Ireland(Andersontown/Suffolk/Twinbrook)

24 Infrantry Brigade


Aug 75 to Oct 77
Jun 76 to Oct 76
Alanbrook Barracks Paderborn
Armagh Northern Ireland

20 Armoured Brigade

Oct 77 to Nov 79
Jul 78 to Nov 78
Peninsula Barracks Hemer
Londonderry Northern Ireland
3 Armoured Brigade
Nov 79 to Mar 81
Northern Ireland Palace Barrack Holywood
39 Infrantry Brigade
Apr 81 to Jul 83
Brooke Barracks Berlin
Berlin Brigade

Jul 83 to May 87
Nov 83 to Apr 84
Dec 85 to Jun 86

Bourlon Barracks Catterick
Falklands Islands

24 Infrantry Brigade

UN Tour

May 87 to Aug 91
Picton Barracks Bulford
Aug 91 to Feb 94
Abercorn Barracks Ballykinler
3 Infrantry Brigade
Feb 94 to Mar 96
Oct 94 Mar 95
Dale Barracks Chester
Falkland Islands (Fire Support Company)
42 Brigade
Mar 96 to Apr 02
Mar 97 to Nov 97
Mar 00 to Sept 00
Bosnia (OP Lodestar)

7 Armoured Brigade

Apr 01 to Sept 03
Dec 01 to Jun02

Apr - Aug 03
St Georges Barracks North Luffenham
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Sept 2003 to Dec 2005
May - Oct 05
Palace Barracks Northern Ireland
Iraq: Basra

Dec 2005. Mar 08
Jan 06 - May 07
Mar - Apr 06
Jul - Nov 06
Jan - May 07
Feb - May 07

Cyprus: Alexander Barracks, Dhekelia
Iraq Theatre Reserve Battalion
Iraq: Basra (Two companies)
Afghanistan: ('A' Company Group)
Iraq: Basra (One company)
Afghanistan: (One company)

March 2008.
Apr - Oct 09

Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow
Afghanistan: (One company)
Herrick 10 2RRF A Coy Fire Support Group 1 (600 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF A Coy Fire Support Group 2 (604 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF A Coy (140 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF B Coy Part 1 (460 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF B Coy Part 2 (460 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF B Coy Part 3 (459 photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF B Coy Part 4 (442 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF B Coy Part 5 (212 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF Miscellaneous Photos (614)
Herrick 10 2RRF CCT (311 Photos)
Herrick10 2RRF with RAMC 1
Herrick10 2RRF with RAMC 2 (600 Photos)
Herrick10 2RRF with RAMC 3
(325 Photos)
Herrick10 2RRF FSP Coy (213 Photos)
Herrick10 2RRF HQ Coy (423 Photos)
Herrick 10 2RRF Misc 2 (206 Photos)

HQ London District

Germany: Celle

Click here for photos sent in by Anthony Dale (TD)
spanning from 1975 to 1987
Click here for Les Blastson's photo collection
Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers and 2RRF
Click here for Anthony Reddy's
2RRF and Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers
Click Here for John Milton's Photo Collection
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Cyprus 86
A couple of pics for you, 2RRF 7 Platoon in Cyprus 1986, Dhekelia.
sent in by Andrew James

Fus Mornington, West, Sweet, Newell, Jennings

7 Platoon, Peninsula Barracks, April 1978 Hemer

These photos have been sent in by Fus Craig Hodginson
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A Coy 2RRF Exercise Ulan Eagle Poland 1996

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below I have taken the section off the above photo they are all named
they will also enlarge
Photos sent in by Terry Colins

Bassingbourn 1970
back row 8th from left Terry Collins
front row 5th from left Cpl Collins 7th from left Sgt Hawkins

2RRF A Coy ? Catterick
back row 1st left Terry Collins 4th left John Ryan
back row last right Benny Grice 7th from right Pete Swift
3rd row up 9th from left Terry Walker
front row 5th from right Cpl Ken Young

Another 2RRF photo Catterick Oct 74
all named

Click on any photo to enlarge them

Peter Barton 1LF 2RRF
Berlin 1970

31 Bravo, 9plt, C Coy 2RRF

Neil Wimpress, Dave Turnbull, Rick Burns, Tony Dale ,
and lying down in the middle is Mick Carey,
at the back, it could be Samuels???

Tony Coutts-Britton and Joe Eastwood

Camp Wainright Canada

The Queens visit to Newcastle in the early 70s far end is WO2 Brian Walsh
Can you name anyone else