Remember all Fusiliers are members of the Association from the day he joins the Regiment, you are encouraged to join a branch in your area and become a paying member
There is a list of branches at the bottom of the page

Fusiliers Association
Data Base
Once a Fusilier always a Fusilier

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To see who is on the Data Base
the data base is now so big give it time to load

Up dated 22nd February 2019

The LF web site Data Base, the Association website Data Base, and the Association Data Base. There are now over 5000 names on it .
If you are not on it please fill in the form below

If your details have changed since you fill in the form please submit and upto date form (see below)

All information submitted on this form will be held in Strict Confidence

Dennis Laverick, Association Webmaster,
Ron Owen, Association Data Base Coordinator

(Your local Area Regimental Chairman for his information only)

and will not be available to anyone without specific permission of
the Chairman. Some of the boxes may not apply to you. Just fill in the ones that do,
but you must fill in the one's with the * Asterisk

This Data Base comes in very handy in many ways, it helps old friends get back in touch and is a quick way we can send out any important messages we need to get to you. Only Dennis Laverick/Ron Owen has access to the Data Base and he will not pass out any information to anyone. How it works if say Joe Bloggs wants to find his old mate from 3RRF Harry Potter, Joe Bloggs contacts Dennis or Ron and says can you contact Harry Potter and tell him we are having a old platoon get together would he like to come. Dennis/Ron, then contacts Harry Potter if he is on the Data Base and lets him know Joe Bloggs is trying to contact him, if and only if, Harry agrees Dennis/Ron gives Harry Joe's details and it is then up to Harry to contact Joe.
Do not ask for the details as you will be refused
We will put a list of just the Names, Dates, Branch and Battalions they served of the people on the Data Base
Please fill in all the form where there is an * Asterisk or it will not send

 Are you are a Member of any branches within the Fusiliers Association (Lancashire) we will obtain a new Association Membership ID Card.
Are you are in any branches within the other Regimental Areas contact your branch secretaries.
of the Fusiliers Association, please contact the RRF RHQ Tower of London and register with them.

List of Branches
Click on any branch and it will take you to their page with info on where and when they meet and details of the branch officials

RHQ South London
RHQ North Bury

Please Note:- This Data Base only works if it is kept up to date. If there are any changes to your details ,i.e. E. Mail address, Phone number, Address etc.
Please re-submit on this form and in notes please put update