Yet another Fusilier taken far to early

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Once A Fusilier Always A Fusilier
Tony Emery
2nd Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Fusilier Tony Emery,
of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, died at the scene of the crash on
St Peter's Way
on Monday, 6th January 2014.
The 24-year-old's red VW Golf crashed near to the Kearsley roundabout.

A dedication from Hannah to Tony

What 2RRF said about Tony

On behalf of the Second Fusiliers I'd like to personally thank Tony's
family for the honour of reading his ecology today. Tony was part of our
Regimental family, a brother in arms and comrade, loved by everyman in
uniform in this room and many more that sadly were not able to be here

I think it's important to all that hold Tony dear to know 2 things:
1. How good Tony was at his job.
2. And most importantly why he was liked and loved by so many in the

In a career tragically cut short, Tony showed real promise where and when
ever he was asked to deploy:
- On exercise in Jordan he excelled in one of the most demanding
environment, designed to replicate the harshest operational conditions that
the infantryman is likely to face.
- Tony also volunteers to deploy to Canada in support of another
regiment's training, taking part in the biggest and most complex armoured
exercise run by the British Army. Again he made an impact, as his exercise
company commander called me when they got back to tell me first hand on what
an excellent job he done.
- and of course deploying to Afghanistan, proving he was mentally and
physically prepared to support the battalions commitment to Operation
HERRICK if and when required.

Tony knew his job inside out, fit, robust, professionally very capable and
more than anything a real team player. He was about to be nominated to take
part in a selection course for promotion to lance corporal, before he was
tragically taken from us. There is no doubt that he had a bright future.

As a personality - well Tony was by no means a shrinking violet, any man
that openly calls himself 'Bang Tidy' has to be a bit of character or a bit
of a legend.

All of Tonys friends have spoken so much about him in the last couple of
weeks, but I'd just like you to know some of the things that have been said:

- his ability to see the good in anything - Dan Jenkins
- his shocking dancing and his love of going out on the town - Connor
- and his ability to make you laugh - Every man in B Company

I will now read out a few words on behalf of Lance Corporal Philip
Ashfield, who was probably Tony's best friend in the battalion:

I knew Tony from when he joined the battalion and we instantly became good
friends. We use to play FIFA together like no other, most games turned into
mini World Cups. We had great banter together and called each other every
name under the sun, but it was always a great laugh.

He was a top bloke and my best friend. He had the ability to make the bad
times better, seeing the bright side of everything and in everyone. He made
everything so memorable.

Tony could be relied upon to do anything, we could go anywhere and you
knew he would come. He loved a good drink, known to his mates as 'Bang
Tidy'. He was a legend, who will be missed, but never forgotten.

Fusilier Tony Emery will always be remembered by his Regimental family for
his easy natured manner. His effortless humour was infectious to his fellow
Fusiliers in B Company and Tony's dry wit was bound to make you laugh -
often at the wrong time. These traits, combined with his relaxed and laid
back approach to life made him a firm favourite.

As his Company Commander I was always struck by his reserved and
respectful nature. He proved his worth as a infantry soldier operating in
the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Afghanistan and beyond.

Tony was well aware of our regimental bond and what it means 'once a
fusilier, always a fusilier'. Today we stand beside his family, friends and
loved ones to salute a fallen brother in arms. Words cannot measure our
grief and sorrow, at his untimely departure.

To Tonys family, you always were and always will be part of our wider
regimental family and we will endeavour to support you in any way we can,
now and in the years to come.

We thank god for the life of Fusilier Tony Emery, a committed soldier,
unrivalled son, uncle, brother and always a Fusilier.